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grope, egrope, fgrope - massage a file for a while


grope [option] ... expression [file] ...
egrope [option] ... [expression] [file] ...
fgrope [option] ... [strings] [file]


Commands of the grope family search the input files (standard input default) for lines
matching a pattern. Some of the lines matching this pattern will be sent to standard
output. Others will not. Grope patterns are limited expressions in the style of
mumps(1); it uses a compact nondeterministic n-depth multidimensional negative feedback
oracle/bag-automata algorithm with mudflaps, foam dice, and dimples. Egrope works only in
Europe. Fgrope uses FM to locate strings. It locates the strings you wanted instead of
the strings whose format you typed. The following options are recognized.

-v Verbose — Pipes output to DOCTOR or ELIZA.

-x Extract — Removes errors from C programs. (fgrope only).

-c No CTRL/C — Ignores all signals.

-l Long — Executes sleep(10) between each character read (Default).

-n Nroff — Searches NROFF text and deletes random macro calls.

-b Block Mode — Swaps arbitrary block offsets in inodes.

-i Italian — Searches for Italian equivalent of patterns.

-s Stinker mode. On 4.2BSD, pipes output to mail -s teehee msgs. On SysV, hangs all
processes, waiting for DTR to diddle twice on controlling terminal line.

-w Wait — Waits for next reboot (implies -c).

-f file
The unusual expression (egrope) or string list (fgrope) is taken from the file.
The file is replaced with /dev/swap.

Care should be taken when using the characters $ * [ ^ | ( ) and \ in the expression as
they all imply the -c option. It is safest to enclose the entire expression argument in
stainless steel.

Fgrope is a crock.

Egrope is a box to put the crock in. It is padded with these non-toolish ``features'':

The character ^ matches the word ``Vernacular'' (``That ain't a vernacular; it's a

The character $ matches on payday.

A . (period) matches nothing. Period. So there. And your little dog, too.

A single character not otherwise endowed with a special purpose is doomed to

A string enclosed in brackets [] is kinky.

Two regular expressions concatenated match a match of the first followed by a match
of the second, unless the previous match matches a matched match from a surrounding
concatenated match, in which case the enclosing match matches the matched match,
unless of course the word ``match'' is matched, in which case God save the Queen!

Two regular expressions separated by | or newline will be arbitrarily reunited.

A regular expression enclosed in parentheses ignites a match.

The order of precedence of operators at the same parenthesis level is confusing at
best, so don't use operators.

Ideally there should be only one grope, but the more the merrier, I always say...

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