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gtranslator -- a comfortable gettext po file editor with many bells and whistles.


gtranslator [ --help ] [ --version ] [ -a filename ] [ -e po-file ] [ -g geometry-string ]
[ -l po-file-to-learn ] [ -b ] [ -s ]


gtranslator is a comfortable gettext po file editor with many features like special char
featured editing, plural forms view, div. charset support, comfortable prefs, list view of
messages, regular expression based search function, compile/update possiblities and much
much more.

Of course all standard features of a good application like DnD, session support,
supplement files for mime types and menu items are present.

Instant comment view, a comfortable quick navigation messages table with customizable
colors, colorschemes, UTF-8 support, a high level of preferizabilation and a personal
learn buffer/translation memory with autotranslation capabilities are the main features of
gtranslator besides the comfortable editing of the translation entries.


-a --auto-translate=po-file
Autotranslates the given po file with the entries from the learn buffer and exits

-e --export-learn-buffer=po-file-to-export
Exports the learn buffer contents into the given plain gettext po file and exits.

-g --geometry=geometry
Let's you specify the geometry of gtranslator's main window.

-l --learn=po-file-to-learn
Learns the given po file within the command line without starting the GUI. The
personal learn buffer is used as a translation memory to autoaccomplish missing

-s --learn-statistics
Print out some statistics and information about the learn buffer of gtranslator on
the commandline.

With this option you can select on which screen gtranslator should appear.

--help Shows you a little help autogenerated by GNOME and with the options mentioned

Prints out the version number of gtranslator.

Shows you the pill of options without an explanation.

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