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heartbleeder - Test servers for OpenSSL CVE-2014-0160, aka Heartbleed


heartbleeder [options] host[:443]


heartbleeder is a tool that tests remotely (over a network) if a system is compromised by
an insecure OpenSSL service, in accordance with CVE-2014-0160, aka Heartbleed.

More about Heartbleed Bug can be viewed at http://heartbleed.com.


Path to a newline separated file with hosts or IPs.

Address to serve HTTP dashboard from.

Check PostgreSQL TLS. This option is incompatible with -hostfile.

Seconds to wait before rechecking secure hosts.

Seconds to wait before retesting a host after an unfavorable response.

Timeout after sending heartbeat.

Number of workers to scan hosts with, only used with hostfile flag.


Multiple hosts may be monitored by setting '-hostfile' flag to a file with newline
separated addresses. A web dashboard will be available at 'http://localhost:5000' by

Postgres uses OpenSSL in a slightly different way. To test whether a Postgres server is
vulnerable, run the following (defaults to port 5432). Example:

$ heartbleeder -pg example.com.br


No guarantees are made about the accuracy of results, and you should verify them
independently by checking your OpenSSL build.

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