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helical - control Bittorrent client Transmission from command line


helical [options] [[hostname][:port]] [command]


helical is a remote control utility for Bittorrent client Transmission.

By default, helical connects to the Transmission session at localhost:9091. Other sessions
can be controlled by specifying a different hostname and/or port.

helical operates in two modes: from command line and in interactive mode. To run helical
in interactive mode start it without a command. For the commands list please refer to
COMMANDS section.


-u USERNAME, --username=USERNAME
Authentication username.

-p PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD
Authentication password.


add torrent-file | URL [target-dir paused=(yes|no) peer-limit=#]
Add a torrent specified by torrent-file or URL to the transfer list. Use target-
dir as download location for torrent. Set paused to yes or no, to start or stop
torrent activity respectively. Add peer-limit option to specify maximum number of

exit, quit
Exit from helical.

info [torrent-id, ...]
Get details for a torrent. If no torrent-id is provided, all torrents are

list List all torrent transfers.

remove torrent-id [, ...]
Remove one or more torrents from the transfer list.

session get | stats
Get session parameters or session statistics.

start torrent-id [, ...]
Start one or more queued torrent transfers.

stop torrent-id [, ...]
Stop one or more active torrent transfers.

verify torrent-id [, ...]
Verify one or more torrent transfers.

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