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hfst-expand-equivalences - =Extend transducer arcs for equivalence classes


hfst-expand-equivalences [OPTIONS...] [INFILE]


Extend transducer arcs for equivalence classes

Common options:
-h, --help
Print help message

-V, --version
Print version info

-v, --verbose
Print verbosely while processing

-q, --quiet
Only print fatal erros and requested output

-s, --silent
Alias of --quiet

Eqv. class extension options:
-f, --from=ISYM
convert single symbol ISYM to allow OSYM

-t, --to=OSYM
convert to OSYM

-a, --acx=ACXFILE
read extensions in acx format from ACXFILE

-T, --tsv=TSVFILE
read extensions in tsv format from TSVFILE

-l, --level=LEVEL
perform extensions on LEVEL of fsa

Either ACXFILE, TSVFILE or both ISYM and OSYM must be specified. LEVEL should be either
{upper, first, 1, input, surface}, {lower, second, 2, output, analysis} or both. If LEVEL
is omitted, default is first. Examples:

hfst-expand-equivalences -o rox.hfst -a romanian.acx ro.hfst
extend romanian charequivalences


Report bugs to <[email protected]> or directly to our bug tracker at:
hfst-expand-equivalences home page:
General help using HFST software:


Copyright © 2010 University of Helsinki, License GPLv3: GNU GPL version 3
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY,
to the extent permitted by law.

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