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htags - generate hypertext from source code.


htags [-acCDfFghInosTvwx][-d dbpath][-m name][-S cgidir][-t title][dir]


Htags makes hypertext of C, C++, Yacc, Java, PHP and Assembly source code.

In advance of using this command, you must execute gtags(1) from the root directory of the
source tree. Then you can execute htags from the same place. Htags makes an directory
named ´HTML´ and generates hypertext in it. You can start browsing from

Since htags generates static hypertext as long as the -D or -f option is not specified,
you can move it anywhere and browse it by any browser without web server.

You must use same parser for both gtags(1) and htags. If you use the default parser, it
is not necessary to consider for it.


If you are new on htags, it is recommended to invoke with the --suggest option. With the
option, htags use popular options instead of you.
The following options are available:

-a, --alphabet
Make an alphabetical function index which is suitable for a large project.

Include caution message to prohibit downloading.

-c, --compact
Compress html files by gzip(1). You need to set up a web server so that gzip(1)
is invoked for each compressed file. See ´HTML/.htaccess´ that is generated by

-C Make compressed html files with a html.gz suffix. Debian systems can usually
uncompress these transparently without the need for a CGI helper.

--cvsweb url
Include cvsweb URL. url is used as base of URL. When directory ´CVS´ exists in the
root directory of source project, the content of ´CVS/Repository´ is used as the
relative path from the base.

--cvsweb-cvsroot cvsroot
Specifies cvsroot in cvsweb URL.

-D, --dynamic
Generate object lists dynamically using CGI program. By default, object lists are
generated statically. Though this option decrease both the size and the generation
time of the hypertext, you need to set up a web server, and you cannot move the
hypertext from the source directory.

-d, --dbpath dbpath
Specifies the directory in which ´GTAGS´ and ´GRTAGS´ exist. The default is the
current directory.

Disable grep in the search form(-f,--form).

-F, --frame
Use frame for each part of the contents.

-f, --form
Support search form using CGI program. You need to set up a web server, and you
cannot move the hypertext from the source directory.

List file names with full path in the file index. By default, list just the last
component of a path.

-g, --gtags
Execute gtags(1) before creating hypertext. The -v, -w and dbpath are passed to

--gtagsconf file
Load user's configuration from file.

--gtagslabel label
label is used for the label of configuration file. The default is default.

-h, --func-header[=position]
Insert function header for each function. By default, htags doesn't generates it.
You can specify the position using position argument, which allows one of before,
right and after. The default position is after.

-I, --icon
Use icons instead of text for some links.

--insert-footer file
Insert custom footer derived from file before </body> tag.

--insert-header file
Insert custom header derived from file after <body> tag.

--item-order spec
Specify order of items in the top page. The spec is a string consists of item
signs in order. Each sign means as follows: c: caution, s: search form, m: mains,
d: definition, f: files. The default is csmdf.

-m, --main-func name
Specify the main function name. The default is main.

-n, --line-number[=columns]
Print line numbers. By default, doesn't print line numbers. The default value of
columns is 4.

Doesn't generate ´MAP´ and ´FILEMAP´ file. By default, htags generates them.

-o, --other
Pick up not only source files but also other files except for binary files.

-S, --secure-cgi cgidir
Write CGI programs into the cgidir to realize a centralised CGI program. Script
alias is ´/cgi-bin´ by default. You can overwrite this value using config variable
script_alias in ´gtags.conf´.

-s, --symbol
Make anchors not only for object definitions and references but also other symbols.

Print statistics information.

Htags selects popular options instead of beginners. It is equivalent to
'-afghInosTxv --show-position' now.

-T, --table-flist[=fields]
Generate file list using <table> tag. The fields is used for field number in a
line. The default is 5.

-t, --title title
The title of this hypertext. The default is the last component of the current

List tags using <table> tag.

--tabs number
Tab stop. The default is 8.

-v, --verbose
Verbose mode.

-w, --warning
Print warning messages.

-x, --xhtml[=version]
Generate XHTML hypertext instead of HTML. If the --frame option is specified then
generate XHTML-1.0 Frameset for index.html and generate XHTML-1.0 Transitional for
other files, else if version is 1.1 or config variable xhtml_version is set to 1.1
then generate XHTML-1.1 else XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

dir The directory in which hypertext is generated. The default is the current


$ gtags -v
$ htags -sanohITvt 'Welcome to XXX source tour!'
$ firefox HTML/index.html

$ htags --suggest

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