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htdbm - Manipulate DBM password databases


htdbm [ -TDBTYPE ] [ -i ] [ -c ] [ -m | -B | -d | -s | -p ] [ -C cost ] [ -t ] [ -v ]
filename username

htdbm -b [ -TDBTYPE ] [ -c ] [ -m | -B | -d | -s | -p ] [ -C cost ] [ -t ] [ -v ] filename
username password

htdbm -n [ -i ] [ -c ] [ -m | -B | -d | -s | -p ] [ -C cost ] [ -t ] [ -v ] username

htdbm -nb [ -c ] [ -m | -B | -d | -s | -p ] [ -C cost ] [ -t ] [ -v ] username password

htdbm -v [ -TDBTYPE ] [ -i ] [ -c ] [ -m | -B | -d | -s | -p ] [ -C cost ] [ -t ] [ -v ]
filename username

htdbm -vb [ -TDBTYPE ] [ -c ] [ -m | -B | -d | -s | -p ] [ -C cost ] [ -t ] [ -v ]
filename username password

htdbm -x [ -TDBTYPE ] filename username

htdbm -l [ -TDBTYPE ]


htdbm is used to manipulate the DBM format files used to store usernames and password for
basic authentication of HTTP users via mod_authn_dbm. See the dbmmanage documentation for
more information about these DBM files.


-b Use batch mode; i.e., get the password from the command line rather than prompting
for it. This option should be used with extreme care, since the password is clearly
visible on the command line. For script use see the -i option.

-i Read the password from stdin without verification (for script usage).

-c Create the passwdfile. If passwdfile already exists, it is rewritten and truncated.
This option cannot be combined with the -n option.

-n Display the results on standard output rather than updating a database. This option
changes the syntax of the command line, since the passwdfile argument (usually the
first one) is omitted. It cannot be combined with the -c option.

-m Use MD5 encryption for passwords. On Windows and Netware, this is the default.

-B Use bcrypt encryption for passwords. This is currently considered to be very

-C This flag is only allowed in combination with -B (bcrypt encryption). It sets the
computing time used for the bcrypt algorithm (higher is more secure but slower,
default: 5, valid: 4 to 31).

-d Use crypt() encryption for passwords. The default on all platforms but Windows and
Netware. Though possibly supported by htdbm on all platforms, it is not supported
by the httpd server on Windows and Netware. This algorithm is insecure by today's

-s Use SHA encryption for passwords. Facilitates migration from/to Netscape servers
using the LDAP Directory Interchange Format (ldif). This algorithm is insecure by
today's standards.

-p Use plaintext passwords. Though htdbm will support creation on all platforms, the
httpd daemon will only accept plain text passwords on Windows and Netware.

-l Print each of the usernames and comments from the database on stdout.

-v Verify the username and password. The program will print a message indicating
whether the supplied password is valid. If the password is invalid, the program
exits with error code 3.

-x Delete user. If the username exists in the specified DBM file, it will be deleted.

-t Interpret the final parameter as a comment. When this option is specified, an
additional string can be appended to the command line; this string will be stored
in the "Comment" field of the database, associated with the specified username.

The filename of the DBM format file. Usually without the extension .db, .pag, or
.dir. If -c is given, the DBM file is created if it does not already exist, or
updated if it does exist.

The username to create or update in passwdfile. If username does not exist in this
file, an entry is added. If it does exist, the password is changed.

The plaintext password to be encrypted and stored in the DBM file. Used only with
the -b flag.

Type of DBM file (SDBM, GDBM, DB, or "default").

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