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htp - HTML preprocessor


htp [options] <input file> <output file>
htp [options] @<response file>
htp [options] @


This manual page documents briefly the htp command. This manual page was written for the
Debian distribution because the original program does not have a manual page. Instead, it
has documentation in HTML format; see /usr/share/doc/htp.

htp is an HTML pre-processor. It is designed to be a flexible authoring tool that can
easily be integrated into the design process. htp works by processing special HTML files
and producing as output regular HTML files ready to be served up. The original HTML files
are "special" because they (possibly) contain certain markup tags only recognizable to
To handle larger sets of files, htp also accepts a response file, which lists input/output
filename pairs and additional response files. For more information on response files, see
the HTML documentation.


A summary of options is included below. For a complete description, see the HTML
documentation. These options can be used on the command-line by preceding their name with
a '-' or '/' character.

H, ? Shows basic usage information.

IMGXY Width & height will be added to all image tags. This is the default setting.

Width & height will not be added to image tags (but not removed if already found).

QUIET Pre-processor only displays warnings and error messages.

Pre-processor displays all informational, warnings, and error messages. This is the
default setting.

DEPEND Check target file's dependencies before processing. If the input file, or any of
the file it may INCLUDE have changed, it will continue and build the output file.
Otherwise, a simple informational message will be printed and no action will occur.
This is the default setting.

Dependency checking will not occur during processing.

Normally, if htp cannot finish processing a file, it will delete the incomplete
output file to prevent using it accidentally. However, if this is not desirable,
the PRECIOUS option will turn off this behavior.

All HTML will be condensed, which is merely stripping it of all linefeeds. HTML
does not require any carriage returns or linefeeds, so the format of the output
will not be changed. However, file sizes will be somewhat smaller, and should load
a little faster, especially over a slow link.

This disables condensing the output. This is the default setting.

DELIM This can be set to either HTML, CURLY or SQUARE. Each setting determines how htp
markups should be surrounded in the text. HTML indicates using arrow brackets ('<'
and '>') just like standard HTML tags. CURLY means tags should be surrounded by
curly braces ('{' and '}'). SQUARE uses square brackets ('[' and ']') to surround
htp tags. Note that this only applies to the special htp tags and not to the
standard HTML tags, including IMG (which htp can process.) The default setting is

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