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httpindex - HTTP front-end for SWISH++ indexer


wget [ options ] URL... 2>&1 | httpindex [ options ]


httpindex is a front-end for index++(1) to index files copied from remote servers using
wget(1). The files (in a copy of the remote directory structure) can be kept, deleted, or
replaced with their descriptions after indexing.


wget Options
The wget(1) options that are required are: -A, -nv, -r, and -x; the ones that are highly
recommended are: -l, -nh, -t, and -w. (See the EXAMPLE.)

httpindex Options
httpindex accepts the same short options as index++(1) except for -H, -I, -l, -r, -S, and

The following options are unique to httpindex:

-d Replace the text of local copies of retrieved files with their descriptions after
they have been indexed. This is useful to display file descriptions in search
results without having to have complete copies of the remote files thus saving
filesystem space. (See the extract_description() function in WWW(3) for details
about how descriptions are extracted.)

-D Delete the local copies of retrieved files after they have been indexed. This
prevents your local filesystem from filling up with copies of remote files.


To index all HTML and text files on a remote web server keeping descriptions locally:

wget -A html,txt -linf -t2 -rxnv -nh -w2 http://www.foo.com 2>&1 |
httpindex -d -e'html:*.html,text:*.txt'

Note that you need to redirect wget(1)'s output from standard error to standard output in
order to pipe it to httpindex.


Exits with a value of zero only if indexing completed sucessfully; non-zero otherwise.


In addition to those for index++(1), httpindex does not correctly handle the use of
multiple -e, -E, -m, or -M options (because the Perl script uses the standard GetOpt::Std
package for processing command-line options that doesn't). The last of any of those
options ``wins.''

The work-around is to use multiple values for those options seperated by commas to a
single one of those options. For example, if you want to do:

httpindex -e'html:*.html' -e'text:*.txt'

do this instead:

httpindex -e'html:*.html,text:*.txt'

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