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hwloc-diff - Compute differences between two XML topologies


hwloc-diff [options] <input1.xml> <input2.xml>

hwloc-diff [options] <input1.xml> <input2.xml> <output.xml>


--refname <name>
Use <name> as the identifier for the reference topology in the output XML
difference. It is meant to tell which topology should be used when applying the
resulting difference. hwloc-patch may use that name to automatically load the
relevant reference topology XML. By default, <input1.xml> is used without its
full path.

--version Report version and exit.


hwloc-diff computes the difference between two XML topologies and stores the result into
<output.xml> if any, or dumps it to stdout otherwise.

The output difference may later be applied to another topology with hwloc-patch.

hwloc-compress-dir may be used for computing the diffs between all XML files in a

NOTE: It is highly recommended that you read the hwloc(7) overview page before reading
this man page. Most of the concepts described in hwloc(7) directly apply to the hwloc-
diff utility.


hwloc-diff's operation is best described through several examples.

Compute the difference between two XML topologies and output it to stdout:

$ hwloc-diff fourmi023.xml fourmi024.xml
Found 11 differences, exporting to stdout
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Output the difference to file diff.xml instead:

$ hwloc-diff fourmi023.xml fourmi024.xml diff.xml
Found 11 differences, exporting to diff.xml

When the difference is too complex to be represented:

$ hwloc-diff fourmi023.xml avakas-frontend1.xml
Found 1 differences, including 1 too complex ones.
Cannot export differences to stdout

Directly compute the difference between two topologies and apply it to another one:

$ hwloc-diff fourmi023.xml fourmi024.xml | hwloc-patch fourmi025.xml -


Upon successful execution, hwloc-diff outputs the difference. The return value is 0.

If the difference is too complex to be represented, an error is returned and the output is
not generated.

hwloc-diff also returns nonzero if any kind of error occurs, such as (but not limited to)
failure to parse the command line.

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