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hxref - generate cross-references inside and between HTML files


hxref [ -x ] [ -l ] [ -b base ] [ -i index ] [ -- ] [ input [ output ] ]


The hxref command links inline elements to DFN elements with the same content. It adds ID
attributes where necessary. If the content of a DFN or other element isn't suitable, the
TITLE attribute may be used to provide the term to use for comparisons.

Here is an example:

<p>A <dfn>b-box</dfn> is defined to be...
<p>For every b there is a <em>b-box</em>...

The output of hxref will be similar to this:

<p>A <dfn id="b-box">b-box</dfn> is defined to be...
<p>For every b there is a <a href="#b-box"><em>b-box</em></a>...


The following options are supported:

-x Use XML conventions: empty elements are written with a slash at the end: <IMG />

-b base Sets the prefix for the generated URLs. By default base is empty, which
generates URLs like "#b-box" above. If base is set to, e.g., "http://xyz/", the
URLs will look like "http://xyz/#b-box".

-i index Directs hxref to read terms from a database file before looking for them in the
document and afterwards store the terms that were found in the same file. DFN
element in the document override terms found in index. This allows hxref to be
run multiple times on different files, to make the files refer to each other. It
may be necessary to run the commands twice, to resolve all cross-references.

-l Try to use language-specific information to match instances to their
definitions. Currently, only English is supported and the only rules applied are
to search without a final "s" ("trees" matches "tree"), without a final "es"
("bosses" matches "boss") and with a "y" replacing a final "ies" ("bounties"
matches "bounty"). hxref determines the language from "lang" and "xml:lang"
attributes in the document.


The following operands are supported:

input The name of an HTML file. If absent, standard input is read instead. The
special name "-" also indicates standard input. The input may be an URL.

output The file to write to. If absent, standard output is used. This may not be a URL.


The following exit values are returned:

0 Successful completion.

> 0 An error occurred in the parsing of the HTML file. hxref will try to correct
the error and produce output anyway.

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