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This is the command infinoted-0.6 that can be run in the OnWorks free hosting provider using one of our multiple free online workstations such as Ubuntu Online, Fedora Online, Windows online emulator or MAC OS online emulator



infinoted - dedicated server for the infinote protocol (e.g. Gobby)


infinoted-0.6 [options]


infinoted is a dedicated server which allows clients to edit plain text documents and
source files collaboratively over a network. Changes to the documents are synchronized
instantly to the other clients.

This server supports the infinote protocol as implemented by libinfinity. Example clients
include Gobby 0.5.x, Kobby and a special plugin for gedit. It is not compatible to the
older libobby protocol.


Help Options:
-h, --help
Show help options

Application Options:
-c, --config-file=CONFIG-FILE
Load the given configuration file instead of looking at the standard locations.

-k, --key-file=KEY-FILE
The server's private key

-c, --certificate-file=CERTIFICATE-FILE
The server's certificate

The certificate chain to the root certificate, if not included in the file given in

Creates a new random private key

Creates a new self-signed certificate using the given key

-p, --port-number=PORT
The port number to listen on

How to decide whether to use TLS

-r, --root-directory=DIRECTORY
A directory to save the document tree into in infinoted-xml format. This is the
location where the tree is kept persistently so that it is available again after
server restart. Usually, documents are saved in this tree 60 seconds after the last
user left the session. In addition to this, when the autosave plugin is enabled, it
is possible to save sessions into the tree periodically. The default directory is

Additional plugin to load. Repeat the option on the command-line to specify
multiple plugins and semi-colons in the configuration file. Plugin options can be
configured in the configuration file (one section for each plugin), or with the
--plugin-parameter option.

Sets the option KEY for plugin PLUGIN to the given VALUE. Normally, plugin options
are specified in the configuration file, but this command line option allows one to
set or override plugin options on the command line.

-P, --password=PASSWORD
Require given password on connections

Authenticate clients against given pam service on connection

Users allowed to connect after pam authentication. Separate entries with

Group allowed to connect after pam authentication. Separate entries with

-d, --daemonize
Daemonize the server

-D, --kill-daemon
Kill a running daemon

-v, --version
Display version information and exit

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