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ipnadmin - Interplanetary Internet (IPN) scheme administration interface


ipnadmin [ commands_filename ]


ipnadmin configures the local ION node's routing of bundles to endpoints whose IDs conform
to the ipn endpoint ID scheme. ipn is a CBHE-conformant scheme; that is, every endpoint
ID in the ipn scheme is a string of the form "ipn:node_number.service_number" where
node_number is a CBHE "node number" and service_number identifies a specific application
processing point.

ipnadmin operates in response to IPN scheme configuration commands found in the file
commands_filename, if provided; if not, ipnadmin prints a simple prompt (:) so that the
user may type commands directly into standard input.

The format of commands for commands_filename can be queried from ipnadmin with the 'h' or
'?' commands at the prompt. The commands are documented in ipnrc(5).


"0" Successful completion of IPN scheme administration.
"1" Unsuccessful completion of IPN scheme administration, due to inability to attach to
the Bundle Protocol system or to initialize the IPN scheme.


Enter interactive IPN scheme configuration command entry mode.

ipnadmin host1.ipnrc
Execute all configuration commands in host1.ipnrc, then terminate immediately.

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