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ircII - interface to the Internet Relay Chat system


irc [-c chan] [-p portno] [-P portno] [-b] [-f] [-F] [-s] [-S] [-t] [-T] [-d] [nickname
[server list]] [-a] [-v] [-q] [-h hostname ] [-icb] [-irc]


The ircII program is a full screen, termcap based interface to Internet Relay Chat. It
gives full access to all of the normal IRC functions, plus a variety of additional


-c chan
Automatically join channel chan.

-p portno
Set the IRC port number to portno (default: 6667, the standard IRC port). Only
supply this if you connect to a server which uses a port other than 6667.

-P portno
Set the ICB port number to portno (default: 7326, the standard ICB port).

-b Load the .ircrc file before connection to a server, not afterwards.

-f Use flow control (^S and ^Q) to stop/start the display. Normally these are both
bound to other functions within irc. This switch is ignored if the -d switch is

-F Don't use flow control (^S and ^Q) to stop start the display. This switch is
ignored if the -d switch is used.

-s Don't start up the ircio process to connect to the IRC server (default).

-S Start up the ircio process to connect to the IRC server.

-t Don't use the termcap ti and te sequences when starting and exiting (default).

-T Do use the termcap ti and te sequences when starting and exiting if they exist.

-d Start in "dumb" mode. All input is taken directly from stdin and all output goes
to stdout without using any of the termcap(5) screen control codes.

Set the nickname (overrides the environment variable IRCNICK; default: the

server Set the list of servers with which irc will try to connect upon startup. This list
is also used by the program's /server command. The format for lines in the list

hostname [:portno[:password[:nick]]] for IRC connections. For ICB connections, the
format is:

ICB/hostname [:portno[::nick[:group[:mode]]]] with group being the initial group
and mode being the initial group mode. See /HELP ICB for more information about

If the hostname is in the format :servergroup:host.com then servergroup is taken to
be the Server Group for this server entry.

-a This adds the normal irc server list to the command line list of irc servers.

-v Print the version and release date of ircII and exit.

-q Start up irc quickly -- don't load the IRCRC file.

-h hostname
This option instructs ircII to use the given hostname as the local address. Useful
only on multi-homed hosts.

-icb Use ICB connections by default.

-irc Use IRC connections by default.


The Screen:
The screen is split into two parts, separated by an inverse-video status line (if
supported). The upper (larger) part of the screen displays responses from the IRC server.
The lower part of the screen (a single line) accepts keyboard input.

Some terminals do not support certain features required by ircII, in which case you
receive a message stating this. If this occurs, try changing the terminal type or run
ircII with the -d option.

Irc Commands:
Any line beginning with the slash character '/' is regarded as an ircII command (the
command character may be changed; type '/help set cmdchar'). Any line not beginning with
this character is treated as a message to be sent to the current channel. To produce a
listing of commands, type '/help ?'. To receive information about the commands type
'/help <command> '.

The .ircrc File:
When ircII is executed, it checks the user's home directory for a .ircrc file, executing
the commands in the file. Commands in this file do not need to have a leading slash
character '/'. This allows predefinition of aliases and other features.


irc -c #users -p 5555
Connect IRC to port number 5555 of the default host and enter on channel #users.

irc Mermaid
Use the nickname "Mermaid".

irc Mermaid server1:5000 server2::passwd server3
Use the nickname "Mermaid" and the modified server list.

irc piglet3 :ln:irc1.lamenet.org :ln:irc1.lamenet.org
Use the nickname "piglet3", initially connecting to irc.au.lamenet.org, with also
irc.us.lamenet.org added to the server list, both having a server group name "ln".

irc oink ICB/www.icb.net
Use the nick "oink" making an ICB connection to www.icb.net.

irc -d Use dumb mode.

irc -f Allow use of ^S/^Q to stop/start screen display.

irc -e elisa
Interface IRC with a program called elisa.

setenv IRCNICK Mermaid
setenv IRCNAME "The one and only :)"

irc Set the username (if not specified elsewhere) to "Mermaid". The user's name (when
provided inside parentheses in response to a WHOIS command) is set to "The one and
only :)".

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