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isdnrate - Print telefon rates and various info from rate-files(5).


isdnrate -bbest -dday -ffrom -hhour -llen -o -pprovs -r vNN -s -ttakt -vverbose -xexclude
-C -Ddet -Gdata -H -L -N -Osocketfile -Ppiddir -Ssort -T -U -V -Xexplain -Z NUMBER ...

All options are optional.


The isdnrate program prints various information from rate-files(5). It's main purpose is
the calculation of telefon rates from your location to an arbitrary destination at a
certain time and of a certain length for all the providers in a rate-file.

A telefon number may be

1234 a local area number

01234 a different area in your country

+12345 a foreign country

China text for a foreign country

Paris a town

US a code as defined in country.dat.

Internet a Service name (if option -s is also given).

Note that currently only city names in AT, DE, NL are supported plus some international
Note also, spaces in country- or service names may be given as underscores.

-bbest Print only best providers. Default is all.

-crateconf Use rateconf as provider selection file and ignore setting in isdn.conf.

-dday Calc rates for day. day can be one of

dd day of current month
dd.mm day month
dd.mm.yy[yy] day, month, year
W Weekday
N Weekday - night
E Weekend

Default is now.

-ffrom Callers location. Default ist from isdn.conf.

-hhour Time hh[:mm[:ss]] of call. Default is now.

-iratefile Use ratefile (usually rate-CC.dat) as source for telephone fees and ignore
setting in isdn.conf.

-llen Length of call in second. Default value is 153 secs.

-o Show only booked providers. These are providers, which are listed in rate.conf.

-p provider[,provider...] Print only info for given provider(s). provider is the
provider number, without the leading VBN, or provider_variant if there are more
variations, or B for business providers.

-rvNN Show only providers whose vbn begins with NN. The vbn is also known as provider
prefix consisting of VBN and provider number.

-s Consider NUMBER as the name of a service and print all numbers / providers, which
supply this service.

-ttakt Print only providers, which have calculation impulses smaller or equal to takt.
Default is 9999.

-vverbose Set verbose level.

-x provider[,provider...] Exclude these provider(s).

-C Connect to a running isdnrate daemon. This avoids long startup times.

-D Start as a daemon, waiting for connections from a client. The socket
/var/run/isdnrate/socket is created, which clients can connect to (the socket can be
changed by using the -O option).

-D2 Start as a daemon and go background.

-CD3 Stop a running daemon.

-Gn Print raw data for connection. n may be currently 97,98,99.

-H Print a header.

-L Print a semicolon separated list of

vbn ; providername ; zone ; day ; time ; currency ; charge ; basicprice ; price ;
duration ; charge/min ; takt ; minimum price

-N Show info about following numbers. If no provider is given, the preselected provider is

-Osocketfile Use given filename as the socket on start of daemon. Default is

-Ppiddir Write own PID to piddir/isdnrate.pid on start of daemon.

-Ssort Sort output by sort, which may be

v vbn or n provider name. Default is by charge.

-T Print a table of charges for daytimes weekday/weekend.

-V Print version info and exit.

-Xexplain Print additional information for charge or from rate-file. explain may be

1 (zone)
2 (charge/min, zone, day, time)
50 International areas
51 National zones
52 Services
COMMENT Print C:COMMENT: info from rate files.

If -s is given, the number of the service is also listed with -X1 or -X2.

-Z Print info for LCR
e.g. isdnrate -p1 -ZX 19430
shows the rate for provider 1 and the cheapest rate to this service.

Note: Various output options may not be used together. If you gave conflicting options
you'll see a warning.
Note also: Sort by name or providernumber and -bbest will bring you the first best
providers in sorting order, not the cheapest.
And finally: Some options like -X50, -X51, -X52, -D, -V don't require a telefon NUMBER.

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