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ispellaff2myspell - A program to convert ispell affix tables to myspell format.


ispellaff2myspell [options] <affixfile> --myheader your_header


--affixfile=s Affix file
--bylocale Use current locale setup for upper/lowercase
--charset=s Use specified charset for upper/lowercase
conversion (defaults to latin1)
--debug Print debugging info
--extraflags=s Allow some non alphabetic flags
--lowercase=s Lowercase string
--myheader=s Header file
--printcomments Print commented lines in output
--replacements=s Replacements file
--split=i Split flags with more that i entries
--uppercase=s Uppercase string


ispellaff2myspell is a script that will convert ispell affix tables to myspell format in a
more or less successful way.

This script does not create the dict file. Something like

( echo `cat mydict.words+ | wc -l`; cat mydict.words+ ) > mydict.dict

should do the work, with mydict.words+ being the munched wordlist


Affix file. You can put it directly in the command line.

Use current locale setup for upper/lowercase conversion. Make sure that the
selected locale match the dictionary one, or you might get into trouble.

Use specified charset for upper/lowercase conversion (defaults to latin1).
Currently allowed values for charset are: latin0, latin1, latin2, latin3.

--debug Print some debugging info.

Allows some non alphabetic flags.

When invoked with no value the supported flags are currently those corresponding
to chars represented with the escape char \ as first char. \ will be stripped.

When given with the flag prefix will allow that flag and strip the given prefix.
Be careful when giving the prefix to properly escape chars, e.g. you will need -e
"\\\\" or -e '\\' for flags like \[ to be stripped to [. Otherwise you might even
get errors. Use -e "^" to allow all flags and pass them unmodified.

You will need a call to -e for each flag type, e.g., -e "\\\\" -e "~\\\\" (or -e
'\\' -e '~\\').

When a prefix is explicitly set, the default value (anything starting by \) is
disabled and you need to enable it explicitly as in previous example.

Lowercase string. Manually set the string of lowercase chars. This requires
--uppercase having exactly that string but uppercase.

Header file. The myspell aff header. You need to write it manually. This can
contain everything you want to be before the affix table

Print commented lines in output.

Add a pre-defined replacements table taken from 'file' to the .aff file. Will
skip lines not beginning with REP, and set the replacements number appropriately.

Split flags with more that i entries. This can be of interest for flags having a
lot of entries. Will split the flag in chunks containing i entries.

Uppercase string. Manually set the sring of uppercase chars. This requires
--lowercase having exactly that string but lowercase.

If your encoding is currently unsupported you can send me a file with the two strings of
lower and uppercase chars. Note that they must match exactly but case changed. It will
look something like


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