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isql — Firebird Interactive SQL shell


isql [ -a ] [ -cache bufnum ] [ -database database ] [ -echo ] [ -input infile ] [
-noautocommit ] [ -nowarnings ] [ -output outfile ] [ -password password ] [ -page
pagelen ] [ -role role ] [ -s sqldialect ] [ -terminator lineterm ] [ -user user ] [
-x ] [ -z ]


This manual page documents briefly the isql command.

This manual page was written for the Debian distribution because the original program does
not have a (free) manual page. Instead, it has non-free documentation you can get from
InterBase (Borland) or FireBird project sites; see at the end of the document.

isql is a program that allows the user to issue arbitrary SQL commands to a Firebird
database as well as exctacting the metadata.

isql in Debian is available under isql-fb name due to filename conflict with binary from
other package. If for some reason it is needed to have it under original name it is
possible to add /usr/lib/firebird/bin at the beginning of PATH variable which should solve
eventual problem.


isql can handle various command line options. Most options can be abbreviated. Below are
given the shortest abbreviations as well as the full versions. A summary of options

Extract DDL statements necessary to re-create database's metadata. The CREATE
DATABASE statement is surrounded by C-style comment. Statements are printed to
standard output unless redirection is used. See -output. See -x.

-c[ache] buffers
Specify default number of cache buffers to be used in connections.

-d[atabase] database
Used together with -x. Specifies target database name when extracting. See -x.

-e[cho] Display each statement before executing it.

Extracts DDL statements to recreate database metadata. The only difference with
-a is that -extract behaves differently if -d is also specified.

If no -d is specified, -x behaves exactly as -a. If -d is specified, the CREATE
DATABASE statement is uncommented, replacing database name with database.

-i[nput] infile
Reads commands from infile instead of standard input. Exits with commit after
the last command.

Merges standard error to standard output. Useful for redirecting both streams.

Normally, all DDL statements like CREATE TABLE are automatically committed in a
separate transaction. This option disables the automatic commit of DDL

Disables displaying of SQL warnings.

-o[utput] outfile
All output is redirected to the given outfile.

-page[length] n
Prints column headers every n output lines. Default is 20.

-pas[sword] password
Uses given password as a default for connecting to the database.

-r[ole] sqlrole
Uses given sqlrole as a default for connecting to the database.

-s[qldialect] sqldialect
Uses given sqldialect as a default for connecting to the database.

-t[erminator] lineterm
Set command line terminator. Default is semicolon (`;').

-u[ser] username
Uses given username as a default for connecting to the database.

-z Show version string before doing anything else.

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