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kdb-setmeta - Set the value of a meta key


kdb setmeta <key-name> <meta-name> <meta-value>

Where key-name is the path to the key that the meta key is associated with, meta-name is
the name of the meta key the user would like to set the value of (or create), and
meta-value is the value the user wishes to set the meta key to.


This command allows the user to set the value of an individual meta key. If a key does not
already exist and the user tries setting a meta key associated with it, the key will be
created with a null value. There is some special handling for the meta data atime, mtime
and ctime. They will be converted to time_t.

For cascading keys, the namespace will default to spec, because that is the place where
you usually want to set meta data.


-H, --help
Show the man page.

-V, --version
Print version info.

-v, --verbose
Explain what is happening.


To set a meta key called description associated with the key user/example/key to the value
Hello World!:
kdb setmeta spec/example/key description "Hello World!"

To create a new key spec/example/newkey with a null value (if it did not exist before) and
a meta key namespace/#0 associated with it to the value system: kdb setmeta
/example/newkey "namespace/#0" system

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