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kml2gmt - Extract GMT table data from Google Earth KML files


kml2gmt [ kmlfiles ] [ s|l|p ] [ [level] ] [ ] [ -bo<binary> ] [ -do<nodata> ] [ -:[i|o]

Note: No space is allowed between the option flag and the associated arguments.


kml2gmt reads a Google Earth KML file and outputs a GMT table file. Only KML files that
contain points, lines, or polygons can be processed. This is a bare-bones operation that
aims to extract coordinates and possibly the name and description tags of each feature.
The main use intended is to capture coordinates modified in Google Earth and then reinsert
the modified data into the original GMT data file. For a more complete reformatting,
consider using ogr2ogr -f "GMT" somefile.gmt somefile.kml.




Name of one or more KML files to work on. If not are given, then standard input is

Specify a particular feature type to output. Choose from points (s), line, or
polygon. By default we output all geometries.

-Z Output the altitude coordinates as GMT z coordinates [Default will output just
longitude and latitude].

-V[level] (more ...)
Select verbosity level [c].

-bo[ncols][type] (more ...)
Select native binary output.

-donodata (more ...)
Replace output columns that equal NaN with nodata.

-:[i|o] (more ...)
Swap 1st and 2nd column on input and/or output.

-^ or just -
Print a short message about the syntax of the command, then exits (NOTE: on Windows
use just -).

-+ or just +
Print an extensive usage (help) message, including the explanation of any
module-specific option (but not the GMT common options), then exits.

-? or no arguments
Print a complete usage (help) message, including the explanation of options, then

Print GMT version and exit.

Print full path to GMT share directory and exit.


To extract the lon,lat values from the KML file google.kml, try
gmt kml2gmt google.kml -V > google.txt

To separate the point and polygon geometries from the KML file google.kml, try
gmt kml2gmt google.kml -Fp -V > polygons.txt gmt kml2gmt google.kml -Fs -V > points.txt

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