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ktoblzcheck - Check Account and BLZ (bank routing code)


ktoblzcheck [--returncode] [--file=<datafile>] <bank-id> <account-id>


This manual page documents briefly the ktoblzcheck application.

ktoblzcheck is a program that will check a given account and blz for the bank being valid
and the account being valid using some checksum calculations, if supported for that
particular bank. The output is the clear-text name of the bank specified by <bank-id>, and
whether the given <account-id> is a valid account number at this bank.


This is the Bankleitzahl (bank routing id), actually it is the account-id of that
particular bank at the Deutsche Bundesbank.

This is the account number you wish to verify. If the checksum method of the bank
specified by the <bank-id> is supported, you will get the account-id verified, i.e.
if it is a valid account-id at that particular bank.

If given, the result is returned via the returncode and no output on the terminal.
The following returncodes are possible: 0: account and bank are ok 1: unknown, e.g.
checksum not implemented or such 2: account and/or bank not ok 3: bank not found

Specifies the file with the bankdata. This file can be obtained via the internet
from the Deutsche Bundesbank on address
Beware! This page is in German only.

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