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latex2rtf - Convert a LaTeX file to an RTF file


latex2rtf [-hlpFSVW] [ -d# ] [ -D# ] [ -M# ] [ -se#] [ -sf#] [ -t# ] [ -Z# ] [ -a auxfile
] [ -b bblfile ] [ -C codepage ] [ -i language ] [ -o outputfile ] [ -P /path/to/cfg ] [
-T /path/to/tmp ] [ inputfile ]


The latex2rtf command converts a LaTeX file into RTF text format. The text and much of the
formatting information is translated to RTF.


-a auxfile
Used to specify a particular cross-referencing file. When this option is omitted,
the auxfile is assumed to be the same as inputfile with the .tex suffix replaced by

-b bblfile
Used to specify a particular bibliography file When this option is omitted, the
bblfile is assumed to be the same as inputfile with the .tex suffix replaced by

-C codepage
used to specify the character set (code page) used in the LaTeX document for non-
ansi characters. codepage may be one of the following: ansinew, applemac, cp437,
cp437de, cp850, cp852, cp855, cp865, cp866, decmulti, cp1250, cp1252, koi8-r,
koi8-u, latin1, latin2, latin3, latin4, latin5, latin9, maccyr, macukr, next, raw,
raw437, raw852, raw1250, raw1251, and raw1253. The default behavior is to use
ansinew (same as cp1252). For convenience, just the numbers 437, 437de, 850, 852,
855, 866, 1250 or 1252 may be specified.

The raw character set encoding prevents any 8-bit character translation. The RTF
file is marked to use the same encoding as the default encoding for the program
interpreting the RTF file. This is particularly useful when translating a file
written in a language (e.g., czech) that maps poorly into the ansinew (western
european) character set.

-d# Write extra debugging output to stderr. Higher numbers cause more debugging output
and range from 0 (only errors) to 6 (absurdly many messages). The default is 1
(Warnings and Errors only).

-D dots_per_inch
Used to specify the number of dots per inch in equations that are converted to
bitmaps and for graphics that must be converted. Default is 300 dpi.

-E# where # selects the type of figure handling desired. RTF does not support
insertion of PS, PDF, or EPS file types. These figures must be converted to a
bitmap format and then inserted. One trick is to insert the filenames into the RTF
file and then in post-processing, insert the file. These options can be added
-E3 insert all figures (DEFAULT)
-E0 no figures in the RTF
-E1 insert figures having RTF-supported formats
-E2 convert and insert unsupported figure formats
-E4 insert only filenames for supported file formats
-E8 insert only filenames for unsupported file formats

-f use fields
-f0 do not use fields in RTF. This is handy when primitive RTF editors are being
used to view the RTF output.
-f1 use fields for equations but not \ref and \cite.
-f2 use fields for \ref and \cite but not equations.
-f3 use fields when possible. This is the default and is most useful when the RTF
file is being exported to be used in Word. This retains the most information from
the original LaTeX file.

-F use LaTeX to create bitmaps for all figures. This may help when figures are not
translated properly.

-h Print a short usage note

-i language
used to set the idiom or language used in the LaTeX document language may be one of
the following afrikaans, bahasa, basque, brazil, breton, catalan, croatian, czech,
danish, dutch, english, esperanto, estonian, finnish, french, galician, german,
icelandic, irish,italian, latin, lsorbian, magyar, norsk, nynorsk, polish,
portuges, romanian, russian, samin, scottish, serbian, slovak, slovene, spanish,
swedish, turkish, usorbian, welsh. The default is english.

-l Assume LaTeX source uses ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) special characters (default

-o outputfile
Redirect output to outputfile Unless an outputfile is specified with the -o option,
the resulting RTF is produced in a file with .tex replaced by .rtf.

-M# where # selects the type of equation conversion.
-M1 displayed equations to RTF
-M2 inline equations to RTF
-M4 displayed equations to bitmap
-M8 inline equations to bitmap
-M16 insert Word comment field containing the raw LaTeX equation
-M32 insert raw LaTeX equation delimited by $...$ and \[...\]
-M64 displayed equations to EPS files with filenames in RTF
-M128 inline equations to EPS files with filenames in RTF

These options may be added together to get different results
-M0 no equations fields in the RTF.
-M3 converts both inline and displayed equations to RTF (DEFAULT).
-M12 converts inline and displayed equations to bitmaps.
-M192 converts inline and displayed equations to eps files and inserts a tag in
Bitmap conversion requires a working latex2png script. Producing bitmaps is slow.

-p Escape printed parentheses in mathematical formulas, as some versions of Word (e.g
Word 2000) have deep psychological problems with EQ fields using quoted
parentheses. If Word displays some formulas with parentheses as 'Error!', try this
option. See also the -S option.

-P /path/to/cfg
used to specify the directory that contains the @code{.cfg} files

-se# selects the scale for equation conversion, where # is the scale factor (default

-sf# selects the scale for figure conversion, where # is the scale factor (default

-S Use semicolons to separate arguments in RTF fields. This is needed when the
machine opening the RTF file has a version of Word that uses commas for decimal
points. This also can fix displaying some formulas as 'Error!' You may also need
to try the -p option.

-t# selects the type of table conversion.
-t1 convert tables to RTF (default)
-t2 convert tables to bitmaps

-T /path/to/tmp
used to specify the folder where to put temporary files.

-V Prints version on standard output and exits.

-W Emit warnings directly in RTF file. Handy for catching things that do not get
translated correctly.

-Z# Add # close braces to end of RTF file. (Handy when file is not converted correctly
and will not open in another word processor.)


The configuration files are searched first in any directory specified by -P, then in the
location specified by the environment variable RTFPATH, and finally in the location CFGDIR
specified when latex2rtf was compiled. If the configuration files are not found then
latex2rtf aborts. The configuration files allow additional fonts to be recognized,
additional simple commands to be translation, and additional commands to be ignored.


The input file must be a valid LaTeX file. Use LaTeX to find and fix errors before
converting with latex2rtf.

The configuration files direct.cfg and fonts.cfg are in the correct directory. You may
have to change fonts.cfg or direct.cfg to suit your needs.

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