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ldd - print shared object dependencies


ldd [option]... file...


ldd prints the shared objects (shared libraries) required by each program or shared object
specified on the command line.

In the usual case, ldd invokes the standard dynamic linker (see ld.so(8)) with the
LD_TRACE_LOADED_OBJECTS environment variable set to 1, which causes the linker to display
the library dependencies. Be aware, however, that in some circumstances, some versions of
ldd may attempt to obtain the dependency information by directly executing the program.
Thus, you should never employ ldd on an untrusted executable, since this may result in the
execution of arbitrary code. A safer alternative when dealing with untrusted executables

$ objdump -p /path/to/program | grep NEEDED


Print the version number of ldd.

-v, --verbose
Print all information, including, for example, symbol versioning information.

-u, --unused
Print unused direct dependencies. (Since glibc 2.3.4.)

-d, --data-relocs
Perform relocations and report any missing objects (ELF only).

-r, --function-relocs
Perform relocations for both data objects and functions, and report any missing
objects or functions (ELF only).

--help Usage information.

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