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ldoc - A LuaDoc-compatible documentation generation system


LDoc, a documentation generator for Lua compatible to LuaDoc.


-d, --dir
(default docs) output directory

-o, --output
(default 'index') output name

-v, --verbose
be verbose during doc generation

-a, --all
show local functions, etc, in docs

-q, --quiet
suppress output

-m, --module
module docs as text

-s, --style
(default !) directory for style sheet (ldoc.css)

-l, --template
(default !) directory for template (ldoc.ltp)

-p, --project
(default ldoc) project name

-t, --title
(default Reference) page title

-f, --format
(default plain) formatting, valid options are markdown, discount or plain

-b, --package
(default .) top-level package basename (needed for module(...))

-x, --ext
(default html) output file extension

-c, --config
(default config.ld) configuration name

-i, --ignore
ignore any 'no doc comment or no module' warnings

-X, --not_luadoc
break LuaDoc compatibility. Descriptions may continue after tags.

-D, --define
(default none) set a flag to be used in config.ld

-C, --colon
use colon style

-B, --boilerplate
ignore first comment in source files

-M, --merge
allow module merging

-S, --simple
no return or params, no summary

-O, --one
one-column output layout

--dump debug output dump

(default none) filter output as Lua data (e.g pl.pretty.dump)

--tags (default none) show all references to given tags, comma-separated

<file> (string) source file or directory containing source


ldoc . reads options from a config.ld file in the same directory

ldoc -c path/to/myconfig.ld .
reads options from path/to/myconfig.ld

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