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lgagent - ION Load/Go remote agent program


lgagent own_endpoint_ID


ION Load/Go is a system for management of an ION-based network, enabling the execution of
ION administrative programs at remote nodes. The system comprises two programs, lgsend
and lgagent.

The lgagent task on a given node opens the indicated ION endpoint for bundle reception,
receives the extracted payloads of Load/Go bundles sent to it by lgsend as run on one or
more remote nodes, and processes those payloads, which are the text of Load/Go source

Load/Go source file content is limited to newline-terminated lines of ASCII characters.
More specifically, the text of any Load/Go source file is a sequence of line sets of two
types: file capsules and directives. Any Load/Go source file may contain any number of
file capsules and any number of directives, freely intermingled in any order, but the
typical structure of a Load/Go source file is simply a single file capsule followed by a
single directive.

When lgagent identifies a file capsule, it copies all of the capsule's text lines to a new
file that it creates in the current working directory. When lgagent identifies a
directive, it executes the directive by passing the text of the directive to the
pseudoshell() function (see platform(3)). lgagent processes the line sets of a Load/Go
source file in the order in which they appear in the file, so the text of a directive may
reference a file that was created as the result of processing a prior file capsule in the
same source file.


"0" Load/Go remote agent processing has terminated.

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