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LGOGDownloader - downloader for GOG.com games and other files


lgogdownloader [OPTION]...


An open-source GOG.com downloader for Linux users which uses the same API as the official

LGOGDownloader can download purchased games, query GOG.com to see if game files have
changed, as well as downloading extras such as artwork and manuals. It is capable of
downloading language-specific installers for games where they exist.

These games are currently offered only for the Microsoft Windows® and Apple OS X®
operating systems. To play these games under GNU/Linux will require a compatibility layer
such as Wine. Usage of such a program is outside the scope of this document.

LGOGDownloader 2.26 Options:

-h [ --help ]
Print help message

Print version information


--list List games

List games with detailed info


Repair downloaded files Use --repair --download to redownload files when filesizes
don't match (possibly different version). Redownload will rename the old file
(appends .old to filename)

--game arg
Set regular expression filter for download/list/repair (Perl syntax) Aliases:
"all", "free" Alias "free" doesn't work with cached details

--create-xml [=arg(=automatic)]
Create GOG XML for file "automatic" to enable automatic XML creation

Check for update notifications

--check-orphans arg
Check for orphaned files (files found
on local filesystem that are not found
on GOG servers). Sets regular
expression filter (Perl syntax) for
files to check. If no argument is given
then the regex defaults to

Show status of files

Output format:
statuscode gamename filename filesize

Status codes:
OK - File is OK
ND - File is not downloaded
MD5 - MD5 mismatch, different version
FS - File size mismatch, incomplete

Create config file with current

Reset config settings to default

--report [=arg(=lgogdownloader-report.log)]
Save report of downloaded/repaired
files to specified file
Default filename: lgogdownloader-report

Update game details cache

Don't try to detect supported platforms
from game shelf.
Skips the initial fast platform
detection and detects the supported
platforms from game details which is
slower but more accurate.
Useful in case platform identifier is
missing for some games in the game
Using --platform with --list doesn't
work with this option.

--download-file arg
Download files using fileid

or: "gogdownloader://gamename/fileid"

Multiple files:
or: "gogdownloader://gamename1/fileid1,

This option ignores all subdir options.
The files are downloaded to directory
specified with --directory option.

-o [ --output-file ] arg
Set filename of file downloaded with

Show wishlist

Login (API only)

Login (website only)

--directory arg (=.)
Set download directory

--limit-rate arg (=0)
Limit download rate to value in kB
0 = unlimited

--xml-directory arg
Set directory for GOG XML files

--chunk-size arg (=10)
Chunk size (in MB) when creating XML

--platform arg (=w+l)
Select which installers are downloaded
Windows = w|win|windows|1
Mac = m|mac|osx|2
Linux = l|lin|linux|4
All = all|7

Set priority by separating values with
Combine values by separating with "+"
Example: Linux if available otherwise
Windows and Mac: l,w+m

--language arg (=en)
Select which language installers are
English = en|eng|english|1
German = de|deu|ger|german|2
French = fr|fra|fre|french|4
Polish = pl|pol|polish|8
Russian = ru|rus|russian|16
Chinese = cn|zh|zho|chi|chinese|32
Czech = cz|cs|ces|cze|czech|64
Spanish = es|spa|spanish|128
Hungarian = hu|hun|hungarian|256
Italian = it|ita|italian|512
Japanese = jp|ja|jpn|japanese|1024
Turkish = tr|tur|turkish|2048
Portuguese = pt|por|portuguese|4096
Korean = ko|kor|korean|8192
Dutch = nl|nld|dut|dutch|16384
Swedish = sv|swe|swedish|32768
Norwegian = no|nor|norwegian|65536
Danish = da|dan|danish|131072
Finnish = fi|fin|finnish|262144
Brazilian Portuguese =
Slovak = sk|slk|slo|slovak|1048576
Add the values to download multiple
All = all|2097151
French + Polish = "fr+pl"|12 (4+8=12)

Set priority by separating values with
Combine values by separating with "+"
Example: German if available otherwise
English and French: de,en+fr

Don't use remote XML for repair

Don't use Unicode in the progress bar

Don't use coloring in the progress bar

Don't use duplicate handler for
Duplicate installers from different
languages are handled separately

Don't create subdirectories for extras,
patches and language packs

Print lots of information

Don't verify authenticity of SSL

--timeout arg (=10)
Set timeout for connection
Maximum time in seconds that connection
phase is allowed to take

--retries arg (=3)
Set maximum number of retries on failed

--wait arg (=0)
Time to wait between requests

--cover-list arg (=https://sites.google.com/site/gogdownloader/covers.xml)
Set URL for cover list

--subdir-installers arg
Set subdirectory for extras
- %platform%
- %gamename%
- %dlcname%

--subdir-extras arg (=extras)
Set subdirectory for extras
- %platform%
- %gamename%
- %dlcname%

--subdir-patches arg (=patches)
Set subdirectory for patches
- %platform%
- %gamename%
- %dlcname%

--subdir-language-packs arg (=languagepacks)
Set subdirectory for language packs
- %platform%
- %gamename%
- %dlcname%

--subdir-dlc arg (=dlc/%dlcname%)
Set subdirectory for dlc
- %platform%
- %gamename%
- %dlcname%

--subdir-game arg (=%gamename%)
Set subdirectory for game
- %platform%
- %gamename%
- %dlcname%

Use game details cache

--cache-valid arg (=2880)
Set how long cached game details are
valid (in minutes)
Default: 2880 minutes (48 hours)

Save serial numbers when downloading

--ignore-dlc-count [=arg(=.*)]
Set regular expression filter for games
to ignore DLC count information
Ignoring DLC count information helps in
situations where the account page
doesn't provide accurate information
about DLCs

--include arg (=all)
Select what to download/list/repair
Installers = i|installers|1
Extras = e|extras|2
Patches = p|patches|4
Language packs = l|languagepacks|langpa
Covers = c|cover|covers|16
DLCs = d|dlc|dlcs|32
Separate with "," to use multiple

--exclude arg (=covers)
Select what not to download/list/repair
Installers = i|installers|1
Extras = e|extras|2
Patches = p|patches|4
Language packs = l|languagepacks|langpa
Covers = c|cover|covers|16
DLCs = d|dlc|dlcs|32
Separate with "," to use multiple


Allows user to specify individual files that should not be downloaded or mentioned as

Each line in the file specifies one blacklist expression, except for empty lines and lines
starting with #. First few characters specify blacklist item type and flags. So far,
only regular expression (perl variant) are supported, so each line must start with "Rp"
characters. After a space comes the expression itself. Expressions are matched against
file path relative to what was specified as --directory.

Example black list
# used to store manually downloaded mods/patches/maps/, don't mention it as orphans
Rp ^[^/]*/manual/.*
# included with every *divinity game, once is enough
Rp beyond_divinity/extras/bd_ladymageknight.zip
Rp divinity_2_developers_cut/extras/divinity_2_ladymageknight.zip

# extra 6GB is A LOT of space if you don't actually plan to mod your game
Rp the_witcher_2/extras/the_witcher_2_redkit.zip
Rp the_witcher_2/extras/extras_pack_3_hu_pl_ru_tr_zh_.zip
Rp the_witcher_2/extras/extras_pack_2_fr_it_jp_.zip


Separating values with "," when using language and platform switches enables a priority-
based mode: only the first matching one will be downloaded.

For example, setting language to fr+en means both French and English will be downloaded
(if available) for all games. Setting language to fr,en means that the French version (and
only that one) will be downloaded if available, and if not, the English version will be

You're allowed to "stack" codes in the priority string if needed. If you set language to
es+fr,en it means it'll download both Spanish (es) and French (fr) versions if they are
available, and the English (en) one only if none of French and Spanish are available.


The latest version of this distribution is available from

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