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lightspeed - Shows how objects moving at speeds near the speed of light look like.


lightspeed [-hsa] [object]


Light Speed! is a simulator which can illustrate the effects of special relativity on the
appearance of objects travelling at ultra-high speeds. Depending on the particular speed,
and one's point of view, relativistic effects can cause the object to appear shorter,
longer, brighter, darker, deformed and/or off-color.


To adjust the velocity, use the slider along the right edge of the main window. You can
also type in a value, using the entry at the top right (press <Enter> once it is in). To
change the units shown, press the button to the right of the entry, and it will cycle
through a small list.

The object travels in the positive-x direction, which can be visually checked by
activating Objects -> Coordinate axes.

Most interactive control is performed with the mouse. By holding down a particular button,
and dragging the pointer around, various camera motions can be obtained:

Left button: Revolve camera around view target

Left button + Shift key: Revolve view target around camera

Middle button: Translate camera left, right, up or down

Right button: Dolly in or out

The first and last motions are generally the most useful. Should the camera become
difficult to control at any point, it may be re-initialized by selecting Camera -> Reset


-h, --help
Print this help screen

-s, --simple
Use simplified interface

-a, --advanced
Use advanced interface (default)

object 3D file to load on startup (.3DS or .LWO)

April 2000 LIGHTSPEED(1)

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