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listres - list resources in widgets


listres [-option ...]


The listres program generates a list of a widget's resource database. The class in which
each resource is first defined, the instance and class name, and the type of each resource
is listed. If no specific widgets or the -all switch are given, a two-column list of
widget names and their class hierarchies is printed.


Listres accepts all of the standard toolkit command line options along with those listed

-all This option indicates that listres should print information for all known widgets
and objects.

This option indicates that resources that are inherited from a superclass should
not be listed. This is useful for determining which resources are new to a

This option indicates that widgets should be identified by the names of the class
record variables rather than the class name given in the variable. This is useful
for distinguishing subclasses that have the same class name as their superclasses.

-top name
This option specifies the name of the widget to be treated as the top of the
hierarchy. Case is not significant, and the name may match either the class
variable name or the class name. The default is ``core''.

-format printf-string
This option specifies the printf-style format string to be used to print out the
name, instance, class, and type of each resource.


To be written.

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