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llvm-profdata - Profile data tool


llvm-profdata command [args...]


The llvm-profdata tool is a small utility for working with profile data files.


· merge

· show


llvm-profdata merge [options] [filename...]

llvm-profdata merge takes several profile data files generated by PGO instrumentation and
merges them together into a single indexed profile data file.

By default profile data is merged without modification. This means that the relative
importance of each input file is proportional to the number of samples or counts it
contains. In general, the input from a longer training run will be interpreted as
relatively more important than a shorter run. Depending on the nature of the training runs
it may be useful to adjust the weight given to each input file by using the
-weighted-input option.

-help Print a summary of command line options.

-output=output, -o=output
Specify the output file name. Output cannot be - as the resulting indexed profile
data can't be written to standard output.

Specify an input file name along with a weight. The profile counts of the input
file will be scaled (multiplied) by the supplied weight, where where weight is a
decimal integer >= 1. Input files specified without using this option are assigned
a default weight of 1. Examples are shown below.

-instr (default)
Specify that the input profile is an instrumentation-based profile.

Specify that the input profile is a sample-based profile.

The format of the generated file can be generated in one of three ways:

-binary (default)

Emit the profile using a binary encoding. For instrumentation-based profile the
output format is the indexed binary format.


Emit the profile in text mode. This option can also be used with both sample-based
and instrumentation-based profile. When this option is used the profile will be
dumped in the text format that is parsable by the profile reader.


Emit the profile using GCC's gcov format (Not yet supported).

Basic Usage
Merge three profiles:

llvm-profdata merge foo.profdata bar.profdata baz.profdata -output merged.profdata

Weighted Input
The input file foo.profdata is especially important, multiply its counts by 10:

llvm-profdata merge -weighted-input=10,foo.profdata bar.profdata baz.profdata -output merged.profdata

Exactly equivalent to the previous invocation (explicit form; useful for programmatic

llvm-profdata merge -weighted-input=10,foo.profdata -weighted-input=1,bar.profdata -weighted-input=1,baz.profdata -output merged.profdata


llvm-profdata show [options] [filename]

llvm-profdata show takes a profile data file and displays the information about the
profile counters for this file and for any of the specified function(s).

If filename is omitted or is -, then llvm-profdata show reads its input from standard

Print details for every function.

Print the counter values for the displayed functions.

Print details for a function if the function's name contains the given string.

-help Print a summary of command line options.

-output=output, -o=output
Specify the output file name. If output is - or it isn't specified, then the
output is sent to standard output.

-instr (default)
Specify that the input profile is an instrumentation-based profile.

-text Instruct the profile dumper to show profile counts in the text format of the
instrumentation-based profile data representation. By default, the profile
information is dumped in a more human readable form (also in text) with

Specify that the input profile is a sample-based profile.


llvm-profdata returns 1 if the command is omitted or is invalid, if it cannot read input
files, or if there is a mismatch between their data.

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