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loaderinfo - report SCSI tape device info


loaderinfo -f <scsi-generic-device>


The loaderinfo command reads various information from SCSI tape loaders. Its intended use
is for high-level programs that are trying to decide what the capabilities of a device

The following are printed:

Element Address Assignment Page:
This tells how many elements are in the loader, and what their raw hardware
addresses are.

Transport Geometry Descriptor Page:
Will display whether media is invertible or not (usable with some optical
jukeboxes for detirmining whether to "flip" media after writing to the first

Device Capabilities Page
Currently will only display whether we can transfer between slots (i.e. whether
'mtx transfer' works).

Inquiry Page
Aside from the normal inquiry info, will also print out whether we have a bar
code reader (for loaders that support the Exabyte extension for reporting
presense of said reader).


The first argument, given following -f , is the SCSI generic device corresponding to your
tape loader. Consult your operating system's documentation for more information (for
example, under Linux these are generally start at /dev/sg0 under FreeBSD these start at

Under FreeBSD, 'camcontrol devlist' will tell you what SCSI devices you have, along with
which 'pass' device controls them. Under Linux, "cat /proc/scsi/scsi" will tell you what
SCSI devices you have. Under Solaris 8, find /devices -name '*changer*' will display the
device names for your attached changers. Make sure to configure your 'sgen' driver first.

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