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lrelease - generate Qt message files from Qt Linguist translation files


lrelease [ options ] project-file
lrelease [ options ] ts-files [ -qm qm-file ]


This page documents the Qt Linguist Release tool for the Qt GUI toolkit. Lrelease reads a
qmake/tmake project file (.pro file) and converts the translation files (.ts files)
specified in it into Qt message files (.qm files) used by the application to translate.

The .qm file format is a compact binary format that provides extremely fast lookups for
translations and that is used by Qt.


-help Display the usage and exit.

Compress the .qm files.

Do not include unfinished translations.

If the translated text is the same as the source text, do not include the message.

Do not explain what is being done.

Display the version of lrelease and exit.


Here is an example .pro file that can be given to lrelease:

HEADERS = funnydialog.h \
SOURCES = funnydialog.cpp \
main.cpp \
FORMS = fancybox.ui
TRANSLATIONS = gnomovision_dk.ts \
gnomovision_fi.ts \
gnomovision_no.ts \

When running lrelease on this project file, the Qt message files gnomovision_dk.qm,
gnomovision_fi.qm, gnomovision_no.qm and gnomovision_se.qm will be generated from
gnomovision_dk.ts, gnomovision_fi.ts, gnomovision_no.ts and gnomovision_se.ts,

Lrelease can also be invoked with a list of .ts files to convert:

lrelease gnomovision_*.ts

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