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luatex, dviluatex, luajittex, texlua, texluac - An extended version of pdfTeX using Lua as
an embedded scripting language


luatex [--lua=FILE] [OPTION]... [TEXNAME[.tex]] [COMMANDS]
luatex [--lua=FILE] [OPTION]... \FIRST-LINE
luatex [--lua=FILE] [OPTION]... &FMT [ARGS]


Run the luaTeX typesetter on TEXNAME, usually creating TEXNAME.pdf. Any remaining
COMMANDS are processed as luaTeX input, after TEXNAME is read.

Alternatively, if the first non-option argument begins with a backslash, interpret all
non-option arguments as a line of luaTeX input.

Alternatively, if the first non-option argument begins with a &, the next word is taken as
the FMT to read, overriding all else. Any remaining arguments are processed as above.

If no arguments or options are specified, prompt for input.

If called as texlua it acts as lua interpreter. If called as texluac it acts as lua
bytecode compiler.

LuaTeX is an extended version of pdfTeX with Unicode and OpenType font support, embeded
Lua scripting language, the e-TeX and Omega extensions, as well as integrated MetaPost
engine, that can create PDF files as well as DVI files. For more information about
luatex, see http://www.luatex.org, you can read LuaTeX manual using texdoc utility (texdoc

All LuaTeX text input and output is considered to be Unicode text.

In DVI mode, luaTeX can be used as a complete replacement for the TeX engine.

In PDF mode, luaTeX can natively handle the PDF, JPG, JBIG2, and PNG graphics formats.
luaTeX cannot include PostScript or Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) graphics files; first
convert them to PDF using epstopdf (1).


When the LuaTeX executable starts, it looks for the --lua commandline option. If there is
no --lua option, the commandline is interpreted in a similar fashion as in traditional
pdfTeX and Aleph. But if the option is present, LuaTeX will enter an alternative mode of
commandline parsing in comparison to the standard web2c programs. The presence of --lua
makes most of other options unreliable, because the lua initialization file can disable
kpathsea and/or hook functions into various callbacks.

The lua initialization file.

The following two options alter the executable behaviour:

Start LuaTeX as a Lua interpreter. In this mode, it will set Lua's arg[0] to the
found script name, pushing preceding options in negative values and the rest of the
commandline in the positive values, just like the Lua interpreter. LuaTeX will exit
immediately after executing the specified Lua script.

Start LuaTeX as a Lua byte compiler. In this mode, LuaTeX is exactly like luac from
the standalone Lua distribution, except that it does not have the -l switch, and
that it accepts (but ignores) the --luaconly switch.

Then the regular web2c options:

Debug format loading.

Sets \pdfdraftmode so luaTeX doesn't write a PDF and doesn't read any included
images, thus speeding up execution.

Synonym for --shell-escape.

Synonym for --no-shell-escape.

Enable the \write18{command} construct, and Lua functions os.execute(), os.exec(),
os.spawn(), and io.popen(). The command can be any shell command. This construct
is normally disallowed for security reasons.

Disable the \write18{command} construct and the other Lua functions, even if it is
enabled in the texmf.cnf file.

Enable restricted version of \write18, os.execute(), os.exec(), os.spawn(), and
io.popen(), only commands listed in texmf.cnf file are allowed.

Print error messages in the form file:line:error which is similar to the way many
compilers format them.

Disable printing error messages in the file:line:error style.

Use FORMAT as the name of the format to be used, instead of the name by which
luaTeX was called or a %& line.

--help Print help message and exit.

--ini Start in INI mode, which is used to dump formats. The INI mode can be used for
typesetting, but no format is preloaded, and basic initializations like setting
catcodes may be required.

Sets the interaction mode. The MODE can be either batchmode, nonstopmode,
scrollmode, and errorstopmode. The meaning of these modes is the same as that of
the corresponding \commands.

Use NAME for the job name, instead of deriving it from the name of the input file.

Sets path searching debugging flags according to the BITMASK. See the Kpathsea
manual for details.

Enable mktexFMT generation, where FMT must be either tex or tfm.

Disable the luasocket (network) library.

In DVI mode, use STRING for the DVI file comment instead of the date. This option
is ignored inPDF mode.

Write output files in DIRECTORY instead of the current directory. Look up input
files in DIRECTORY first, then along the normal search path.

Set the output format mode, where FORMAT must be either pdf or dvi. This also
influences the set of graphics formats understood by luaTeX.

Pretend to be program NAME (only for kpathsea).

Enable the filename recorder. This leaves a trace of the files opened for input
and output in a file with extension .fls.

Disable some Lua commands that can easily be abused by a malicious document.

Enable/disable SyncTeX extension.

Print version information and exit.

Print credits and version details.

The following options are ignored:

--8bit, --etex, --parse-first-line, --no-parse-first-line
These are always on.

--default-translate-file=TCXNAME, --translate-file=TCXNAME
These are always off.

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