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This is the command luminance-hdr-cli that can be run in the OnWorks free hosting provider using one of our multiple free online workstations such as Ubuntu Online, Fedora Online, Windows online emulator or MAC OS online emulator



luminance-hdr-cli - Luminance HDR command line version


luminance-hdr-cli [OPTIONS]... [INPUTFILES]...


Commandline interface to luminance-hdr-cli.

-h --help
Display this help.

-v --verbose
Print more messages during execution.

-a --align AIS|MTB
Align Engine to use during HDR creation (default: no alignment).

-d --savealigned prefix Save aligned images to files which names start with prefix

-e --ev EV1,EV2,...
Specify numerical EV values (as many as INPUTFILES).

-c --config
HDR creation config. Possible values:

(Default is weight=triangular:response_curve=linear:model=debevec)

-l --load HDR_FILE
Load an HDR instead of creating a new one.

-s --save HDR_FILE
Save to a HDR file format. (default: don't save)

-g --gamma VALUE
Gamma value to use during tone mapping. (default: 1)

-r --resize VALUE
Width you want to resize your HDR to (resized before gamma and tone mapping)

-t --tmo
Tone mapping operator. Legal values are:

(Default is mantiuk06)

-p --tmoptions
Tone mapping operator options. Legal values are:

alpha=VALUE:beta=VALUE:color=VALUE:noise=VALUE:new=true|false (for fattal)
contrast=VALUE:saturation=VALUE:detail=VALUE:equalization=true|false (for
(for mantiuk08) localcontrast=VALUE:eq=2|4:simple=true|false (for ashikhmin)
sigma_s=VALUE:sigma_r=VALUE:base=VALUE (for durand) bias=VALUE (for drago)
local=true|false:autolum=true|false:cone=VALUE:rod=VALUE:multiplier=VALUE (for
pattanaik) scales=true|false:key=VALUE:phi=VALUE:num=VALUE:low=VALUE:high=VALUE
(for reinhard02) brightness=VALUE:chroma=VALUE:lightness=VALUE (for reinhard05)
(default is contrast=0.3:equalization=false:saturation=1.8, see also -o)

-o --output LDR_FILE
File name you want to save your tone mapped LDR to.

-q --quality VALUE
Quality of the saved tone mapped file (0-100).

-b --autoag THRESHOLD
Enable auto anti-ghosting with given threshold. (No tonemapping is performed
unless -o is specified).

You must either load an existing HDR file (via the -l option) or specify INPUTFILES to
create a new HDR.

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