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makeppclean -- Stand-alone cleanup script for makepp


?: -?, A: -A,
--arguments-file, B: -b,
--build-cache-links, D: -d, E: --empty-directories, H: -h,
--help, K: -k,
--keep-src-info, L: -l,
--log, M: -m,
--meta, O: --only-build-cache-links,
--only-repository-links, R: -R,
--repository-links, V: -V,

makeppclean [ -b ] [ -l ] [ -R ] [ -r ] [ -v ] [ path ... ]

mppc [ -b ] [ -l ] [ -R ] [ -r ] [ -v ] [ path ... ]

Makeppclean efficiently removes files that were knowingly generated through makepp. For
each path, if path is not a directory and was known to be generated by makepp by virtue of
having a build info file with a matching signature, then remove path and its build info
file; and if path is a directory, do the same for every file in path, and then remove the
build info directory below path. path defaults to ".".

The traditional approach to removing generated files is to create a "clean" target in your
makefiles whose action is to remove all of the targets. This approach has some
fundamental limitations:

· It requires that all the relevant makefiles be loaded before cleaning. This can take
quite a while.

· If the clean target in one makefile depends on the clean target in another makefile,
then it is possible that a file that must be built in order to load one of the makefiles
(e.g. because of a prebuild statement) has already been built and cleaned by the time it
needs to be built again. Makepp wisely fails in this situation, rather than potentially
building the same file many times during the course of a single build.

Provided that your intention is to remove all the generated files without regard for which
makefile (if any) currently generates them, then these limitations are avoided by using


-A filename
Read the file and parse it as possibly quoted whitespace- and/or newline-separated

Remove only links or files from a build cache.

Remove directories that became empty after removing their content. Since directories
are not usually created by rules, makepp does not keep track of which one it created.
Therefore this applies to those, where makepp created something, whether the directory
was created manually or automatically.

Print out a brief summary of the options.

Leave the build info directory below each named directory.

Remove only the raw logfiles, which can be many in case of traditional recursion.

Remove only the meta information subdirectories.

Remove only links pointing to a repository.

Descend each named directory recursively. Symbolic links are not followed.

Enable verbose output to STDERR.

Print out the version number.


Makeppclean looks at the following environment variable:

Any flags in this environment variable are interpreted as command line options before
any explicit options. Quotes are interpreted like in makefiles.

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