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maketext - translate and make messages


maketext [OPTION] [--domain=TEXTDOMAIN] MSGKEY [PARAM...]
maketext [OPTION] -s MSGID [PARAM...]


The "maketext" script translates a natural language message into the user's language, by
looking up the translation in a message MO file, and process the plural transformation
with Maketext.

The "maketext" script is a command-line interface to Locale::Maketext::Gettext(3) (and
Locale::Maketext(3)). It can be used in shell scripts, etc, to translate, maketext and
return the result. By this way, it enables Maketext to be integrated into other
programming languages/systems, like bash/csh, python, PHP, C, etc. It works like the
command-line program gettext.

For example:

% maketext -s "[*,_1,virus was,viruses were] found in [*,_2,file,files]." 0 1
0 viruses were found in 1 file.
% maketext -s "[*,_1,virus was,viruses were] found in [*,_2,file,files]." 1 3
1 virus was found in 3 files.


Retrieve translated messages from TEXTDOMAIN.

-s Adds a new line to the end of the output so that it behaves like the `echo' or the
`gettext' command.

Display the help messages.

Display version information and exit.

The original text used to look up translated text.

Parameters to Maketext for the plural and other text functions.


TEXTDOMAIN is used to determine the text domain when the -d parameter is not given.

TEXTDOMAINDIR is used to search the message catelog/MO file if it does not reside in
the system locale directories.


Maketext language function override, like "quant" or "numerate", is not available here.
Suggestions are welcome.

The current system locale directory search order is: /usr/share/locale, /usr/lib/locale,
/usr/local/share/locale, /usr/local/lib/locale. Suggestions are welcome.

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