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maketx - convert images to tiled, MIP-mapped textures


maketx [options] files...


The maketx program will read an image (from any file format for which an ImageInput plugin
can be found) and then write it in a form in which it will have high performance when used
by TextureSystem. This involves converting it to tiled (versus scanline) orientation,
writing multiple subimages at different resolutions (MIP-map), and setting a variety of
header or metadata fields appropriately for texture maps.

The maketx utility is invoked as follows:

maketx [options] input... -o output

Where input and output name the input image and desired output filename. The input files
may be of any image format recognized by OpenImageIO (i.e., for which ImageInput plugins
are available). The file format of the output image will be inferred from the file
extension of the output filename (e.g., "foo.tif" will write a TIFF file).

For a complete description, see /usr/share/doc/openimageio-doc/openimageio.pdf.gz.


--help Print help message

-v Verbose status messages

-o %s Output filename

--old Old mode

--threads %d
Number of threads (default: #cores)

-u Update mode

--format %s
Specify output file format (default: guess from extension)

--nchannels %d
Specify the number of output image channels.

--chnames %s
Rename channels (comma-separated)

-d %s Set the output data format to one of:
uint8, sint8, uint16, sint16, half, float

--tile %d %d
Specify tile size

Use planarconfig separate (default: contiguous)

--compression %s
Set the compression method (default = zip, if possible)

--fovcot %f
Override the frame aspect ratio. Default is width/height.

--wrap %s
Specify wrap mode (black, clamp, periodic, mirror)

--swrap %s
Specific s wrap mode separately

--twrap %s
Specific t wrap mode separately

Resize textures to power of 2 (default: no)

Do not resize textures to power of 2 (deprecated)

--filter %s
Select filter for resizing
(choices: box triangle gaussian sharp-gaussian catrom blackman-harris sinc lanczos3
radial-lanczos3 mitchell bspline disk, default=box)

Compress HDR range before resize, expand after.

Do not make multiple MIP-map levels

Check for NaN/Inf values (abort if found)

--fixnan %s
Attempt to fix NaN/Inf values in the image (options: none, black, box3)

Set the 'full' image range to be the pixel data window

--Mcamera %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f
Set the camera matrix

--Mscreen %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f
Set the screen matrix

Add prman specific metadata

Create 1-tile textures from constant color inputs

Create 1-channel textures from monochrome inputs

Drop alpha channel that is always 1.0

Ignore unassociated alpha tags in input (don't autoconvert)

Print runtime statistics

--mipimage %s
Specify an individual MIP level

Basic modes (default is plain texture):
Create shadow map

Create lat/long environment map

Create lat/long environment map from a light probe

Color Management Options (OpenColorIO DISABLED)
--colorconvert %s %s
Apply a color space conversion to the image. If the output color space is not the
same bit depth as input color space, it is your responsibility to set the data
format to the proper bit depth using the -d option.
(choices: linear, sRGB, Rec709)

Unpremultiply before color conversion, then premultiply after the color conversion.
You'll probably want to use this flag if your image contains an alpha channel.

Configuration Presets
Use PRMan-safe settings for tile size, planarconfig, and metadata.

--oiio Use OIIO-optimized settings for tile size, planarconfig, metadata, and constant-
color optimizations.

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