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maskseq - Write a sequence with masked regions


maskseq -sequence sequence -regions range [-tolower toggle] -maskchar string
-outseq seqout

maskseq -help


maskseq is a command line program from EMBOSS (“the European Molecular Biology Open
Software Suite”). It is part of the "Edit" command group(s).


Input section
-sequence sequence

Required section
-regions range
Regions to mask. A set of regions is specified by a set of pairs of positions. The
positions are integers. They are separated by any non-digit, non-alpha character.
Examples of region specifications are: 24-45, 56-78 1:45, 67=99;765..888

Additional section
-tolower toggle
The region can be 'masked' by converting the sequence characters to lower-case, some
non-EMBOSS programs e.g. fasta can interpret this as a masked region. The sequence is
unchanged apart from the case change. You might like to ensure that the whole sequence
is in upper-case before masking the specified regions to lower-case by using the
'-supper' flag. Default value: N

-maskchar string
Character to use when masking. Default is 'X' for protein sequences, 'N' for nucleic
sequences. If the mask character is set to be the SPACE character or a null character,
then the sequence is 'masked' by changing it to lower-case, just as with the
'-lowercase' flag. Default value: @($(acdprotein)?X:N)

Output section
-outseq seqout

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