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mergelogs - merge and consolidate web server logs


mergelogs -p penlog [-c] [-d] [-j jitter] [-t seconds] server1:logfile1 [server2:logfile2


mergelogs -p pen.log

mergelogs -p pen.log


When pen is used to load balance web servers, the web server log file lists all accesses
as coming from the host running pen. This makes it more difficult to analyze the log file.

To solve this, pen creates its own log file, which contains the real client address, the
time of the access, the target server address and the first few bytes of the requests.

Mergelogs reads pen's log file and the log files of all load balanced web servers,
compares each entry and creates a combined log file that looks as if the web server
cluster were a single physical server. Client addresses are replaced with the real client

In the event that no matching client address can be found in the pen log, the server
address is used instead. This should never happen, and is meant as a debugging tool. A
large number of these indicates that the server system date needs to be set, or that the
jitter value is too small.

You probably don't want to use this program. Penlog is a much more elegant and functional


-c Do not cache pen log entries. The use of this option is not recommended, as it will
make mergelogs search the entire pen log for every line in the web server logs.

-d Debugging (repeat for more).

-p penlog
Log file from pen.

-j jitter
Jitter in seconds (default 600). This is the maximum variation in time stamps in
the pen and web server log files. A smaller value will result in a smaller pen log
cache and faster processing, at the risk of missed entries.

-t seconds
The difference in seconds between the time on the pen server and UTC. For example,
this is 7200 (two hours) in Finland.

Web server address and name of log file.

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