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mincsample - generate samplings from minc files.


mincsample [<options>] <in1.mnc> [<in2.mnc> [<..>]]


Mincsample produces a data sampling on STDOUT from an input series of minc files. The
output can be either ascii (-ascii) or as a raw binary stream of doubles (-double). The
output data is ordered first by file then voxel. When -ascii is used the data values from
each file are separated by a tab and the sampling points with a newline. When using
-double, no separators are used.

If -coords is also specified, the world co-ordinate at each sampling point will precede
the data from each of the files. An optional -outfile argument can also be used to direct
the output to a file and -append used to append the data to the file as opposed to
overwriting the file.

By default all data points are written out (-all) the output of points can also be
constrained to be points within a mask (-mask and -mask_val) and further by a random
sampling of a sub-set of points via the -random_samples and -random_seed arguments


Print extra information during processing.

-quiet Print only the ouput sampling data.

Overwrite existing output files (when used with -outfile)

-max_buffer size
Specify the maximum size of the internal buffers (in kbytes). Default is 4096

-mask mask.mnc
Specify and input mask, only sampling points within this mask will be used.

-mask_val value
Specify the value to use from the mask (Default: 1).

-all Sample all the data points.

-random_seed value
Specify the random seed value to use during random sampling, this is to enable
reproducible runs. If no seed is given a semi-random seed will be chosen (from

-random_samples value
Specify the number of random samples to take from the input files. This value must
be smaller than the maximum possible number of samples.

-sample sample.mnc
Output a mask file that corresponds to where samples were taken from.

-outfile file
Output sampling data to a file. (Default: STDOUT).

Append output data to an existing file.

-ascii Write out data as ascii strings (Default).

-ascii Write out data as double precision floating-point values.

Write out world co-ordinates as well as sampling values.

-help Print summary of command-line options and exit.

Print the program's version number and exit.

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