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mkgeo_grid -- build a strutured mesh of a parallelotope, in 1d, 2d or 3d


mkgeo_grid options [nx [ny [nz]]]


The following command build a triangular based 2d 10x10 grid of the unit square:

mkgeo_grid -t 10 > square-10.geo
geo square-10.geo

or in one comand line:

mkgeo_grid -t 10 | geo -


This command is usefull when testing programs on simple geometries. It avoid the
preparation of an input file for a mesh generator. The optional nx, ny and nz arguments
are integer that specifies the subdivision in each direction. By default nx=10, ny=nx and
nz=ny. The mesh files goes on standard output.

The command supports all the possible element types: edges, triangles, rectangles,
tetraedra, prisms and hexahedra.


-e 1d mesh using edges.

-t 2d mesh using triangles.

-q 2d mesh using quadrangles (rectangles).

-T 3d mesh using tetraedra.

-P 3d mesh using prisms.

-H 3d mesh using hexahedra.


The geometry can be any [a,b] segment, [a,b]x[c,d] rectangle or [a,b]x[c,d]x[f,g]
parallelotope. By default a=c=f=0 and b=d=g=1, thus, the unit boxes are considered. For
instance, the following command meshes the [-2,2]x[-1.5, 1.5] rectangle:

mkgeo_grid -t 10 -a -2 -b 2 -c -1.5 -d 1.5 | geo -

-a float

-b float

-c float

-d float

-f float

-g float



The boundary sides are representd by domains: left, right, top, bottom,front and


This option defines a domain named boundary that groups all sides. By default,
both sides and the whole boundary are defined as domains:

mkgeo_grid -t 10 > square.geo
geo square.geo
mkgeo_grid -t 10 -nosides > square.geo
geo square.geo
mkgeo_grid -t 10 -noboundary > square.geo
geo square.geo
mkgeo_grid -t 10 -noboundary -nosides > square.geo
geo square.geo



The whole domain is splitted into two subdomains: east and west, This option is
used for testing computations with subdomains (e.g. transmission problem; see the
user manual).

mkgeo_grid -t 10 -region | geo -



The corners (four in 2D and eight in 3D) are defined as OD-domains. This could be
usefull for some special boundary conditions.

mkgeo_grid -t 10 -corner | geo -
mkgeo_grid -T 5 -corner | geo -


Most of rheolef codes are coordinate-system independant. The coordinate system is
specified in the geometry file `.geo'.


-rz the 2d mesh is axisymmetric: zr (resp. rz) stands when the symmetry is related to
the first (resp. second) coordinate.


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