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mkzftree - Create a zisofs/RockRidge compressed file tree




Takes an input file tree (INPUT) and create a corresponding compressed file tree (OUTPUT)
that can be used with an appropriately patched mkisofs(8) to create a transparent-
compression ISO 9660/Rock Ridge filesystem using the "ZF" compression records.


-f, --force
Always compress all files, even if they get larger when compressed.

-z level, --level level
Select compression level (1-9, default is 9). Lower compression levels are faster,
but typically result in larger output.

-u, --uncompress
Uncompress an already compressed tree. This can be used to read a compressed
filesystem on a system which cannot read them natively.

-p parallelism, --parallelism parallelism
Compress in parallel. The parallelism value indicates how many compression threads
are allowed to run.

-x, --one-filesystem
Do not cross filesystem boundaries, but create directory stubs at mount points.

-X, --strict-one-filesystem
Do not cross filesystem boundaries, and do not create directory stubs at mount

-C path, --crib-path path
Steal ("crib") files from another directory if it looks (based on name, size, type
and modification time) like they match entries in the new filesystem. The "crib
tree" is usually the compressed version of an older version of the same workload;
this thus allows for "incremental rebuilds" of a compressed filesystem tree. The
files are hardlinked from the crib tree to the output tree, so if it is desirable
to keep the link count correct the crib path should be deleted before running
mkisofs. The crib tree must be on the same filesystem as the output tree.

-l, --local
Do not recurse into subdirectories, but create the directories themselves.

-L, --strict-local
Do not recurse into subdirectories, and do not create directories.

-F, --file
Indicates that INPUT may not necessarily be a directory; this allows operation on a
single file. Note especially that if -F is specified, and INPUT is a symlink, the
symlink itself will be copied rather than whatever it happens to point to.

-s, --sloppy
Treat file modes, times and ownership data as less than precious information and
don't abort if they cannot be set. This may be useful if running mkisofs on an
input tree you do not own.

-v, --verbose
Increase the program verbosity.

-V value, --verbosity value
Set the program verbosity to value.

-q, --quiet
Issue no messages whatsoever, including error messages. This is the same as
specifying -V 0.

-h, --help
Display a brief help message.

-w, --version
Display the release version.

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