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nim - Nim Language Compiler


Nim Compiler Version 0.12.0 (2015-11-02) [Linux: amd64] Copyright © 2006-2015 by Andreas
Rumpf ::

nim command [options] [projectfile] [arguments]

compile, c
compile project with default code generator (C)

doc generate the documentation for inputfile

doc2 generate the documentation for the whole project

arguments are passed to the program being run (if --run option is selected)


-p, --path:PATH
add path to search paths

-d, --define:SYMBOL
define a conditional symbol

-u, --undef:SYMBOL
undefine a conditional symbol

-f, --forceBuild
force rebuilding of all modules

turn stack tracing on|off

turn line tracing on|off

turn support for multi-threading on|off

-x, --checks:on|off
turn all runtime checks on|off

turn obj conversion checks on|off

turn case variant field checks on|off

turn range checks on|off

turn bound checks on|off

turn int over-/underflow checks on|off

-a, --assertions:on|off
turn assertions on|off

turn all floating point (NaN/Inf) checks on|off

turn NaN checks on|off

turn Inf checks on|off

whole program dead code elimination on|off

optimize not at all or for speed|size Note: use -d:release for a release build!

use native debugger (gdb) | ENDB (experimental)

generate a console app|GUI app|DLL|static library

-r, --run
run the compiled program with given arguments

show advanced command line switches

-h, --help
show this help

Note, single letter options that take an argument require a colon. E.g. -p:PATH.



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