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PRADS - Passive Real-time Asset Detection System


prads -i eth1 -v


PRADS is a Passive Real-time Asset Detection System.

PRADS employs digital fingerprints to recognize services on the wire, and can be used to
map your network and monitor for changes in real time.

Real-time passive traffic analysis will also let you detect assets that are just connected
to the network for a short period of time, since PRADS can glean useful information from
every packet.

PRADS aims to be the one-stop-shop for passive asset detection, and currently does MAC
lookups, TCP and UDP OS fingerprinting as well as client and service application matching
and a connection state table. Various output plugins include logfile and FIFO and make
PRADS a useful replacement for p0f, pads and sancp.

PRADS was built from the ground up for a small footprint and modern networks with IPv6 and
gigabits of throughput.


-i <iface>
Network device <iface> (default: eth0).

-r <file>
Read pcap <file>.

-c <file>
Read config from <file>.

-b <filter>
Apply Berkeley packet filter <filter>.

-u <user>
Run as user <user> (Default: uid 1).

-g <group>
Run as group <group> (Default: gid 1).

-d Do not drop privileges.

-a <nets>
Specify home nets (eg: ',').

-D Daemonize.

-p <pidfile>
Name of pidfile - inside chroot.

-l <file>
Log assets to <file> (default: '%s')n", config.assetlog.

-f <FIFO>
Log assets to <FIFO>.

-B Log connections to ringbuffer.

-C <dir>
Chroot into <dir> before dropping privs.

Flag picker: X - clear flags, F:FIN, R:RST, M:MAC, S:SYN, A:ACK, K:SYNACK

-UTtI Service checks: U:UDP, T:TCP-server, I:ICMP, t:TCP-cLient

-P DHCP fingerprinting.

-s <snaplen>
Dump <snaplen> bytes of each payload.

-v Verbose output - repeat for more verbosity.

-q Quiet - try harder not to produce output.

-L <dir>
log cxtracker type output to <dir> (will be owned by <uid>).

-O Connection tracking [O]utput - per-packet!

-x Conne[x]ion tracking output - New, expired and ended.

-Z Passive DNS (Experimental).

-H DHCP fingerprinting (Expermiental).

-h This help message.


1. Doesn't detect everything out there :-P

2. This man page.

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