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reformat - tool to simple format plain ascii texts


reformat [-h] [-j] [-l margin] [-p] [-w width]


reformat is a simple tool to reformat plain texts. reformat reads from stdin and writes to

Available options are:

-h prints usage information

-j switch justify mode: Each line of a paragraph will have the same width (see -w
option). To reach this, spaces (' ') will be added between words. Default: disabled

-l left-margin
Sets the left margin to left-margin. The margin is produced by left-margin spaces ('
'), no tabs will be used. Default: 0

-p Accept lines beginning with a whitespace as usual paragraphs, too.

-w width
Sets the paragraph width to width. No reformatted line will be longer than width (plus
defined margins) then. Default: 72


· reformat isn't an intelligent program. It just reads a whole paragraph into a buffer
and then reformats it. The end of a paragraph is indicated by an empty line (may also
contain spaces or tabs) or at a line beginning with whitespaces (if you don't use -p

Lines beginning with whitespaces are lines to keep untouched. Nothing happens with
them, unless you use -p option (as just mentioned).

· reformat doesn't look for hyphenation and hyphens at all. It won't make new lines when
reached a hyphen. reformat works word-by-word.

· reformat doesn't detect 'small paragraphs' (paragraphs without an empty line).

· Check for errors! If reformat detects a word with a length greater than the specified
width, it will abort.

· reformat has problems with control characters. Some text documents contain the ^L
character (0x0c), for example.


Planned features are:

· Fix some problems, see "LIMITATIONS".

· Add an option to declare a string that indicates "don't reformat" in the text. Would
be nice on reformatting emails, and don't touch the quoteas ('> '-lines).

· Add an option (e.g. -i) to keep indenting.


reformat < foo > bar
Reads text from foo, reformats and writes to bar.

reformat -l 15 -j -w 50 < foo
Nice justified, centered text from file foo on an 80x25 terminal.

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