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sfcbrepos - Script to rebuild the Small-Footprint CIM Broker (sfcb) class repository


sfcbrepos [options]


sfcbrepos rebuilds the sfcb class repository from the staging files. Rebuilding is done
offline and the sfcb CIMOM must be restarted for changes to take effect.


Supported command line options are:

-c schemadir
Path to obtain the CIM Schema classes. Default is /usr/share/sfcb

-s stagingdir
Path to sfcb staging area containing class MOFs and registration files Default is

-r registrationdir
Path to the sfcb registration directory, containing the root of the class
repository directory tree. Default is /var/lib/sfcb/registration

-f Force option. Without this option you will be prompted to confirm creating a new
class repository (and delete the old one). Setting this option will rebuild the new
sfcb repository without prompting.

-i Do not migrate instances from previous repository

-b backendopts
Set special backend options for sfcbmof. Valid options are: P32 - compile for
PowerPC target; Q - skip all string qualifiers in output file; q - skip selected
qualifiers (ArrayType, Deprecated, Description, MappingString, PUnit,
UmlPackagePath, Units, Version, ValueMap, and Values) in output file. Note:
eliminating qualifiers will often significantly reduce the size of the class

-X platform
Alias of -b

-t format
The format for the class repository. sf for reduced-size repositories read by
ClassProviderSf. std for standard repositories read by either ClassProviderSf or
ClassProviderGz. Default is auto, which will auto-detect based on the contents of
the providerRegister file.

-h Display usage information and exit.

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