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wmfrog - a dockapp for showing weather in graphical way


wmfrog [options] -station <METAR station id>


-delay minutes
Override time (in minutes) between updates. Default is 15.

-m, -metric
Display Temperature in metric unit: Celsius.

-o offset
Time offset of location from UTC. Positive or negative integer expressed in hours,
like +1 or -7.

-s, -station
Required option. The 4-character METAR Station ID. See

-w knots
Set the maximum wind in KNOTS for percentage of max / scaling. Default is 50 Knots.

-tmp directory
Set the temporary directory where the METAR data files are downloaded Default is /tmp.

-l label
Set displayed text to 4 character (max) label to replace the METAR station id.


A dockapp for weather reports. Includes clouds (clear, few, scattered, broken, overcast
...); Precipitations (drizzle, rain, snow, ice crystals: light/moderate or heavy); Special
weather (Blowing wind / Freezing / Thunderstorm, funnel cloud...); Humidity percentage;
Wind speed (average & gust); Wind Direction; Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit); Station
name can be configured and weather report time is displayed.

To find out more about the METAR/TAF system, see

To find your city Metar code go to http://www.nws.noaa.gov/tg/siteloc.php

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