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xmorph - image warping and dissolving (morphing) for X window system

morph - command line interface image morphing program


xmorph [-start srcimgfile [-finish destimgfile]] [-src srcmeshfile [-dst dstmeshfile ]]

morph [-start srcimgfile [-finish destimgfile]] [-src srcmeshfile [-dst dstmeshfile ]]
[-out outimgfile ] [-mt morphtween ] [-dt dissolvetween ] [-help]


xmorph is a digital image warping and dissolving program, also known as a "morphing"
program. It runs under the X Window System. The primary use of xmorph is to generate and
modify meshes which control the shape of an image. xmorph also has the capacity to
dissolve images together, and to generate a sequence of warped and dissolved images. When
this sequence is made into a movie, it is called a "morph".

morph is a morphing program with no graphical user interface. morph performs image
warping and dissolving but provides no means to create or modify meshes. The intent is to
use morph after meshes have already been generated with xmorph. Since morph has no GUI,
it can be run as a background job and can be distributed over many machines or processes.
This parallelization of the task can significanly speed up the image processing. morph
can run on machines which have no display whatsoever, and is therefore very portable.

Both xmorph and morph use a library called libmorph which can be used separately in the
creation of other morphing programs.

If imgfile names are provided on the command line, then those images are loaded in.
Otherwise, xmorph generates images to be used in lieu of images provided by the user.
Images may be loaded from menus within xmorph.

xmorph has built-in help pages that answer questions about the details of its use. Run
xmorph and look at the online help for more information.


-start srcimgfile
Read the srcimgfile as the "source" image.

-finish destimgfile
Read the destimgfile as the "destination" image.

-src srcmeshfile
Read the srcmeshfile as the "source" mesh.

-dst destmeshfile
Read the destimgfile as the "destination" mesh.

-help Display command line options.


-out outimgfile
Write the the output image to outimgfile .

-mt morphtween
Use morphtween as the warping tween parameter. Values are from 0 to 1. 0 means
that the shape of the output is according to the source mesh. 1 means that the
shape is according to the destination mesh. Default value is 0.

-dt dissolvetween
Use dissolvetween as the dissolve tween parameter. Values are from 0 to 1. 0
means that the image of the output is according to the source image. 1 means that
the image is according to the destination image. Negative values indicate that a
sigmoid sharpening function is to be applied to make the dissolving more
concentrated to values near 0.5. The idea is that the dissolvetween value should
be the negative of the morphtween value in order to have the dissolve be more rapid
during middle values of the warp tween parameter, and less rapid otherwise. This
makes the morph more visually acceptable. Default value is 0.


xmorph is NOT a tool for making movies. xmorph is intended to be used with OTHER tools
for editting movies in the digital domain. I do not intend to add movie making abilities
to xmorph.

Here is a brief explanation of how to make a movie from the images generated by xmorph:

xmorph uses the TrueVision Targa (TGA) image file format. You can use PBMplus, netpbm,
ImageMagick or some other program to convert Targa to other still image formats. (This
will be necessary if, for example, you use the Berkeley MPEG encoder or want to make an
animated GIF.) See, e.g., ftp://ikaros.fysik4.kth.se/pub/netpbm/.

Use another program, such as Berkeley's mpeg_encode, or SGI's dmconvert, or whirlgif to
turn the sequence of images that xmorph created into a single animation. See, e.g.,

Use another program, such as mpeg_play, xanim or movieplayer, to view the animation. See,
e.g., ftp://mm-ftp.cs.berkeley.edu/pub/multimedia/mpeg/play/.

There are plenty of other programs available for viewing movies.

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