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xmlsec-xklient - Client for an XKMS service


xmlsec-xklient [-t] msgdump [options] filename

xmlsec-xklient [-t] msgcreate LocateRequest [options]

xmlsec-xklient [-t] dorequest [options] type [options]


xmlsec-xklient is a general client for web services that follows the XML Key Management
Specification (XKMS). It supports three basic operations:

Given an input file name containing an XKMS message, dump that message to standard

Create an XKMS message and print the resulting message to standard output. The only
supported message type to create is "LocateRequest" or "lr".

Send an XKMS request. The request type is one of:

CompoundRequest (cr)
LocateRequest (lr)
ValidateRequest (vr)
PendingRequest (pr)
RegisterRequest (rr)
ReissueRequest (ir)
RecoverRequest (or)
RevokeRequest (er)

Each of these three operations have their own special command-line options that may be
given after the operation, and each of the XKMS request types have their own set of
options to specify what goes into the request. Each operation supports the -h or --help
flag to print out usage for that particular operation and, in the case of "dorequest",
that operation and request type.

All the specific per-operation options are not (yet) documented in this manual page. Use
the -h or --help option to get more usage information for the operation that you want to


This section only documents the general options that are supported before the operation

--text, -t
Print out any created XML when performing any of the other operations.

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