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OnWorks Education VPS online, a Linux OS to help in the formation and organization of the educational process. It is a wide and most complete set of programs that are successfully used in educational institutions of any category in different countries for junior, middle and senior classes of schools, lyceums, colleges, as well as higher education institutions such as institutes, universities and others.







Ubuntu Education Pack provides a fully customized solution for the educational institution and immediately after installation already contains more than 140 preset programs for education, science, programming and organization of the educational process.

  • More than 230 applications for education on the topics of astronomy, chemistry, programming, geography, mathematics, algebra, geometry, physics, electronics, graphics, music, computer and other
  • iTest - a system that allows you to conduct tests or exams in the classroom with a convenient management of the question / answer database and clear results reports.
  • OOo4Kids - office package for educational purposes. Designed for an audience aged 7 to 12 years
  • A vast number of programs for creativity (working with audio, video and graphics)
  • UALinux so when accessing the Internet, you are connected to one of the largest repositories with a collection of more than 990 applications

The complete list of programs are:


Kstars - tabletop planetarium

Stellarium - Planetarium

Celestia - 3D Planetarium to explore the Universe

Gpredict - real-time satellite tracking

Xtide - provides forecasts of tides


Chemtool - Drawing and calculations of chemical structures

Kalzium - periodic table and tools related to chemistry

GPeriodic - periodic table

RasMol - View macro molecules and prepare to publish their images.

Avogadro - Molecular Engineering and Modeling System

Melting - calculate melting point of pairs of amino acids

EasyChem - High-quality image of molecules and 2D chemical formulas

Gdis - A tool for viewing models of molecules and crystals

PyMol - Molecular Graphics System

ViewMol - computational chemistry programs

GChemPaint - the 2D editor for chemical elements



        Bluefish Editor - a powerful HTML editor.

Lazarus - development environment for graphics and console applications on Free Pascal

Gambas is a visual development environment for GNOME.

KTurtle - educational programming environment

KDevelop - a visual development environment for KDE

Scratch - create stories, games and cartoons

Laby - learning programming with the example of ants and spider webs

Yorick - an interpreted language for scientific calculations and graphics

FP-IDE - Free Pascal Integrated Development Environment

DDD (Data Display Debugger) - a graphical interface for debuggers: GDB, DBX, XDB, JDB and others

DrPython - editor / Python programming environment

Umbrello - Tool for working with UML models and code generator



KGeography - learning geography

Marble - Desktop Globe

GLandKarteGT - creating maps (GeoTiff and vector) for GPS and managing GPS receivers

GPScorrelate - A program for linking digital photos to GPS data using the EXIF ​​fields

GRASS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System) - geographic information system (GIS)

OpenSceneGraph - A toolkit for developing applications for flight simulators, virtual reality, etc.

Thuban - Interactive view of geographic data

Viking - editor, analyzer and view GPS data



Xaos - Real-Time Interactive Fractal Zoomer

TuxPaint - drawing program for kids

GIMP - powerful raster graphics editor

Inkscape - a powerful vector graphics editor.

Dia - editor of charts, graphs, charts, etc.

LibreCad - Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Scribus - Desktop Publishing

Blender - a three-dimensional modeling and rendering system

KolourPaint is a simple drawing and image editing application.


Pencil2D - Create hand-drawn animation (cartoon) using raster and vector graphics.

XPaint - A simple drawing program in X

Hugin - Create panoramic photos

TGif - 2D Vector Graphics Editor

XFig - Means for interactive creation of drawings



Kanagram - jumbled word puzzle

KHangMan - Hangman Puzzle

KLettres - drawing program for kids

Parley - Vocabulary trainer

KWordQuiz - Flash courses

OpenDict - Computer dictionary for DICT, Slowo, Mova and Lingvo dictionaries

Kiten - A set of reference and learning tools for learning Japanese

Dict - Client-server dictionary

WordNet - Electronic lexical database of English

Festival - Multilingual Speech Synthesis System

Klavaro - Keyboard simulator

KTouch - keyboard simulator

TypeSpeed ​​- Correct typing of words flying across the screen.

TuxType - Typewriting Training



Blinken - memory development game

GCompris - Educational game for children from 2 to 10 years

pySioGame - a package of educational games for children from 3 to 10 years old

Ktuberling - Game with pictures for children

LMemory - children's memory games

Childsplay - a set of educational games for young children

PySyCache - Teach children to work with the mouse

Atomix - Puzzle with the construction of molecules from individual atoms

Einstein is a puzzle game based on the Einstein puzzle

Gamine - a game for children of two years old using the mouse to draw

GBrainy - puzzles and exercises for the development of logical thinking

Ri-Li - toy train simulator

cGoBan - Go Board

GNUchess - Chess

GTans - Tangram Puzzle Game

XBoard - graphic chess board

Crafty is a powerful chess program for playing through the ICC server.



Cantor - Math Software Shell

KAlgebra - Solution and mapping of mathematical expressions

Kbruch - calculations with fractions

Kig is an interactive geometry tool

KmPlot - Math Plotter Functions

GeoGebra - dynamic geometric environment

Euler - interactive math programming environment

Mathomatic - Portable Computer Algebra System (CAS)

Octave is a high level language for numerical computations.

Drgeo - an interactive geometric program

Rocs - integrated development environment for graph theory

Algobox - Introduction to Algorithms

Lybniz - Builder

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  • 1
    VBA-M (Archived - Now on Github)
    VBA-M (Archived - Now on Github)
    Project has moved to
    Features:Cheat creationsave statesmulti
    system, supports gba, gbc, gb, sgb,
    Download VBA-M (Archived - Now on Github)
  • 2
    Linux System Optimizer and Monitoring
    Github Repository:
    Audience: End Users/Desktop. User
    interface: Qt. Programming La...
    Download Stacer
  • 3
    Fork of TeamWinRecoveryProject(TWRP)
    with many additional functions, redesign
    and more Features:Supports Treble and
    non-Treble ROMsUp-to-date Oreo kernel,
    Download OrangeFox
  • 4
    itop - ITSM  CMDB OpenSource
    itop - ITSM CMDB OpenSource
    IT Operations Portal: a complete open
    source, ITIL, web based service
    management tool including a fully
    customizable CMDB, a helpdesk system and
    a document man...
    Download itop - ITSM CMDB OpenSource
  • 5
    Clementine is a multi-platform music
    player and library organizer inspired by
    Amarok 1.4. It has a fast and
    easy-to-use interface, and allows you to
    search and ...
    Download Clementine
  • 6
    ATTENTION: Cumulative update 2.4.3 has
    been released!! The update works for any
    previous 2.x.x version. If upgrading
    from version v1.x.x, please download and
    Download XISMuS
  • 7
    Modular headtracking program that
    supports multiple face-trackers, filters
    and game-protocols. Among the trackers
    are the SM FaceAPI, AIC Inertial Head
    Tracker ...
    Download facetracknoir
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