OnWorks Linux and Windows Online WorkStations



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Main features:

OnWorks operations for the end users is very simple. OnWorks Website provides multiples Opeative systems to start up for free. You only need to choose one of them and click the button "Run online". You will have to wait a few seconds for us to be assigned a workstation with the chosen OS. It is a free emulation platform that does not even ask you to be registered in it. Therefore, once we have opted for a workstation, after 25 seconds you can work with the Operating System.

Keep in mind that these OS already have some of the classic applications installed so you can start working with them if you wish: LibreOffice, FireFox, GIMP, ...

Moreover, you must take into account that in order to interact with files, you have two alternatives to upload and download them:
- You can load or save your whole Operative System as an image file in Google Drive.
- You can upload some files to the main folder of the virtual workstation that we have opened, or download files to the local PC from this simulation with a file manager OnWorks provides.

Finally note that OnWorks destroys the open session if it detects that you have accumulated five minutes of inactivity.