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Adaptative Backgrounds download for Linux

Free download Adaptative Backgrounds Linux app to run online in Ubuntu online, Fedora online or Debian online

This is the Linux app named Adaptative Backgrounds whose latest release can be downloaded as Lotsoffixes..zip. It can be run online in the free hosting provider OnWorks for workstations.

Download and run online this app named Adaptative Backgrounds with OnWorks for free.

Follow these instructions in order to run this app:

- 1. Downloaded this application in your PC.

- 2. Enter in our file manager https://www.onworks.net/myfiles.php?username=XXXXX with the username that you want.

- 3. Upload this application in such filemanager.

- 4. Start the OnWorks Linux online or Windows online emulator or MACOS online emulator from this website.

- 5. From the OnWorks Linux OS you have just started, goto our file manager https://www.onworks.net/myfiles.php?username=XXXXX with the username that you want.

- 6. Download the application, install it and run it.



Adaptative Backgrounds


A jQuery plugin for extracting dominant colors from images and applying it to its parent. Install via bower. Then simply include jQuery and the script in your page, and invoke it like so. Instead of using an <img> element nested inside of parent element, AB supports grabbing the dominant color of a background image of a standalone element, then applying the corresponding dominant color as the background color of said element. Enable this functionality by adding a data property, data-ab-css-background to the element. selector String (default: 'img[data-adaptive-background="1"]') a CSS selector which denotes which images to grab/process. Ideally, this selector would start with img, to ensure we only grab and try to process actual images. parent falsy (default: null) a CSS selector which denotes which parent to apply the background color to. By default, the color is applied to the parent one level up the DOM tree.


  • This plugin is built on top of a script called RGBaster
  • You may wish to supply a callback function which is called once the magic has been performed
  • To enable CORS for images hosted on S3 buckets, follow the Amazon guide
  • For all images, you can optionally also include a cross-origin attribute in your image
  • Shade the color of the parent ligher or darker
  • Set the color that will be used to blend the background color with

Programming Language



Plugins and add-ons, Image Recognition

This is an application that can also be fetched from https://sourceforge.net/projects/jquery-adaptive-bg-js.mirror/. It has been hosted in OnWorks in order to be run online in an easiest way from one of our free Operative Systems.